18 Apr 2012

artbox notebooks


Following on from my post about alternative notebooks to the Filofax Flex ones, I ordered a few (well, understatement of the year there) from Artbox. Here are some pictures:

The arrival and unboxing...

 And beneath the bubble wrap were a pile of notebooks of various sizes up to A5...

And a closer look at them all - they're all really cute so I couldn't possibly leave one out!

1. A simple plain notebook which kind of reminds me of the Muji ones but at a fraction of the price and also size!

2. A cute notebook in the colours of neapolitan ice cream (sort of) and a cute illustration on each page...

3. The front on the left and the back on the right! So cute, right?

4. A close up of the texture of the cover on the right...

5. The top picture is of the cover and the bottom picture is of the inside cover. I love the contrasting pastel colours!

6. A blue notebook with a cute bear shadow on the front...

7. A notebook with cute animal illustrations on the front...

8. A cute notebook with a bunny on the front.

9. A variation of the previous notebook but in yellow and another character on the front.

10. A striped notebook...

11. And a variation of the one before but this time with blue stripes and a cute face on the front!

12. And finally, a polka dot notebook!

All in all, I can't help but be excited to use all of these. They're far cheaper than the Filofax Flex notebook version and fit well into the slot and moreover, they will brighten up my Filofax far better than the grey Flex ones will! Although the paper quality is slightly lower than the Flex notebooks, it doesn't matter due to the price and I usually only use the notebooks for rough notes anyway and not for anything special.

And to cap it off, I'm now even more in love with my Affair than ever :D


  1. Oh wow!!! I am so happy to see that you are in love with the affair totally!!! :)

    It is an AMAZING Filofax!!! You keep selling it to me everytime i see you post about it!!!

    Louis Vuitton is going on ebay now!!! lol x

    1. Hehe, the Affair really is fab. I really want to see the Guinea in the flesh cos I'm sure the ponyskin will be lush! But best that I don't really as I'll probs end up selling my dignity to fund a Guinea too! x

  2. these are adorable!! I must have!

    1. I know, right! I have to block the Artbox website on my laptop now cos it's addictive looking at cute stationery hehe. And I have literally no self-discipline so this is best for my bank balance! x

  3. These are so cute! What size filofax do you have that these fit into? xx

    1. The Affair (Temperley for Filofax) :) x