11 May 2012

pretty pen holders with washi tape - #upcycling !

Ever spent quite a few pounds/dollars/euros on an unattractive pen pot just because it looks practical or because you needed one and a pile of pens on your desk was becoming impractical? Well, I decided to make my own.

First of all, I had to seek out something that would be a good container for pens and for this reason, I chose soup tins. Baked bean tins or tins of a similar shape work great too. And now, the best part.

Washi tape.

"Say whaaaat?" you say? Well, see my previous post on it.

I used different patterns of washi tape to decorate my pen pots and here are the end results of two of these pots. Obviously, I washed the pots first before doing anything with them!

And a close up of the first one:

And the second pot:

And a closer look...

A cheap and cheerful alternative to boring pen pots! What other things have you done washi tape or what other desk hacks have you done that have worked? I'm all ears as my desk is pretty boring to say the least!

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