18 May 2012

your filofax week: Helen!

This week, you really are being spoilt! Not only is there the usual 'Filofax Week' post from myself, you also get one from one of my lovely, lovely readers, Helen of I'll Take Afternoon Tea (her blog is full of posts about stationery and beauty products - my idea of blog heaven...!). Seriously, her planner is organised beautifully and it is also beautiful on the outside too! Take a look for yourself if you don't believe me...

First, the planner on the outside (it's from Artbox!):

See, I told you it was organised beautifully! I love the handwriting too and it's so simple, yet elegant; and I love how everything is written in so neat!

Here is what she had to say:

I've just started using the "Journey is Beautiful" planner from Artbox (http://www.artbox.co.uk/artbox-scheduler-journey-beautiful-p-8541.html). Up until recently I'd been using a personal Metropol Filofax, but due to how expensive inserts such as extra note paper and such can be I didn't use it very well. So I thought I'd try a different style of planner, and I love this one and how pretty it is with different pictures on each page based on locations in London, Paris and Venice. Though I've only used it for a week, I've already fallen in love :)

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into her planner (I certainly did and it makes me want to get my hands on it 'in real life' just to flick through it cos it does look amazing!).


  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL planner! *must get one* <3

  2. So pretty! I might get one, do you think you could show a couple more pages and explained why you like it so much :) THANKS!