13 May 2012

my filofax week #4

So this week, a lot has changed...

I have sent my Affair back to Filofax as I was having a problem with the rings. The rings had never closed fully and eventually, this became such a niggle for me that I had to get it sorted as pages kept getting caught when I was turning them. Filofax customer service has been fantastic about this, however, and they said that either a repair will be carried out or a replacement will be sent. Fingers crossed that it won't take too long as I miss my Affair dearly at the moment!

Anyway, I'm currently back in my jade Finchley and although it is a lovely Filofax, it's not quite the same! It was previously my Fashion Filofax where I had pages and pages of style that inspired me and things to do with fashion though I am trying to find a new use for it as trends come and go so my current pages will be out of date in about a year's time!

Sorry for such a long prelude. Here was my week:

{ It's been quite a boring week for me. I went home for a few days and it's been mainly work, work work this week! }

{ I've tried to maintain a colourful way of organising as that makes my week easier on the eye which will induce a mood where I want to organise but also make me want to look at it in the first place. }

How has your week been?


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    1. Nooooo! Are you a Newcastle fan? Or an Arsenal fan? Those are the only two plausible teams I can think of who would want Fulham to win hehe x

  2. Very interesting! That was the reason my Affair went back but I wasn't offered a repair or replacement just another choice of organizer. I would love to know what happens.

    1. What did you choose? I'm not sure about a repair because I think the rings would still be the same but I want a Filofax with gold compact rings after having had this one for these few months! I don't think there are any current models that have this at the moment either :( x

  3. Your colourful filofax style is so pretty. I'm really looking forward to these posts every week :)
    Yesterday I tried to add more decorations for the upcoming week as well and it instantly lifted my mood :)

  4. I love how you use your filo and keep it all bright and interesting to look at as well as being practical. I have all the coloured pens and stickers and just don't get round to using them. :o)

  5. I can't get into colored stuff, either. I have a nice, um, pencil. {blushes}

  6. love your post. can you tell me what punch do you usually use? do you have any recommendation to me, cause i have a personal, a A5 and a pocket. and i reaally don't know which punch i shoud buy.