9 May 2012

japanese washi tape!

I don't know how many of you have heard of these tapes but Japanese washi tapes are big in the crafting community as well as in Asia. Anyway, I was after some cute ones and I got these:

A selection of cute tapes.

Some tape in cute packaging!

A pack of 20. Assorted colours...

A bird's eye view of the 20 pack again...

And with the packaging off so you can see the colour clearly...

And an example of the tape in use. I used the red spot one. This post-it note is a reminder to do squats - need to get
that bikini bod ready for the summer :)
These tapes are lovely (I got them from washitapes.co.uk) but I still think they are quite expensive for what they are. I'm on the lookout for a cheaper retailer but I may be heading to Hong Kong in the summer so if I am, I'm going to look for washi tape there as it will be far cheaper. I just know though, that if I go, I will inevitably come back with a suitcase full of stationery!


  1. Hi I am looking to buy washi tape in Hong Kong as well - where did you buy yours in HK? Many thanks for your help!!

    1. Unfortunately, I have no idea! I'm not going to Hong Kong til later this year/early next year so haven't had the chance to explore yet! Sorry.