4 May 2012

my april review!

In a month full of mixed weather from (very) sunny spells to (very) rainy ones and also a month where I had very busy periods and not so busy periods meant I have a variety of April essentials. As a result of this, I will split it into categories instead of each individual item that I could not have lived without last month!

1) Beauty

With the weather blowing hot and cold (literally), I have found my hands getting very, very dry. As I had left my Body Shop almond hand cream thing in London, I needed a quick and cheapish alternative for these few weeks and this I did. Boots, usually overpriced and whatnot, had this Garnier handcream on offer and it was less than £2 so I thought I'd try it out. I chose the one for dry, rough hands as I'd rather over-moisturise to get super soft hands than under-moisturise and have to keep applying on a regular basis.

Second, and lastly, in this topic is a tube of Burt's Bees lip shimmer. I have two of these - one in rhubarb and one in watermelon. I only had the watermelon one with me and that was fine. It's like a lip balm but slightly tinted so it adds a little bit of colour and I found this ideal as my complexion is quite pale for a Chinese person so it helps with making me look a bit more alive! (Blusher and bronzer also helps too, I've found).

2) Organisation

Having started on my dissertation which requires a bucketload of journal and paper reading, these notepad and sticky notes have come in very, very handy. Plus, I've also used them in my Filofax which has made it look infinitely cuter :)

3) Food

With April the month when Easter falls, how could I not indulge in an Easter egg or two? I bought one for my mum, one for my sister and one for myself. My dad refuses to eat anything sweet after he was diagnosed with type two diabetes years ago.

Hopefully, next month's will be much more interesting; but this is April's for now. What couldn't you have lived without in April?

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