10 Jul 2012

osterley: a plum surprise

Please excuse the poor pun in the post title!

I thought it was time to reveal the beauty that is my personal plum Osterley. The story behind this is a bit longwinded but I will try my best to shorten it but have the main details still present. Basically, I was after an Amazona in almond originally and having finally located one in the Conduit Street store, it arrived in my hands a few days later.

However, that one had a faulty ring problem and so I was offered the Osterley as an alternative. Of course, I said yes and chose the plum colour as I wanted one of these too and was torn between this one and the Amazona. The faulty rings really swung my lust in favour of the Osterley, though, and here it is in all its glory!

The colour seen in this picture is pretty much how it is in real life too. I love how the colour is dark but not too dark, and that it is colourful, but not too colourful. Therefore, it is professional looking, yet classy and sophisticated. I like. Wait, no. Make that, I love.

Upon opening it, you're greeted with a mix of textured leather and smooth leather. Personally, I love this mix as it adds another dimension to the Osterley. Also, it lies flat out of the box! 

On the right hand side, there is space for four cards (I've utilised this space to hold my spare mini-note pages and plasters at the moment); plus a flap under that (where I have put my NHS card and paper bit of a UK driver's licence.

This was my week a few weeks ago. It was my last week in student accommodation and as a university student. I'm currently in the process of figuring out what I want to do with my life and have applied for a few jobs in a sector that I am interested in. Fingers crossed I am successful for the one I want most! I also went to Wimbledon that week and got stickers as a momento.

And the week after. You can see the lists I have yet to write and stuff I need to do on the right. And on the left, I have written in my timetable for each day. With little to no structure with a lack of job or study, I decided to devise my own. I am going to perfect my Mandarin, re-learn programming and coding and also write a story or novel - just for fun (it's not my aim to have it published!).

This is the clasp and the button is a copper colour. It's delightful. Trust me.

And the pockets at the back: currently housing an Evian water voucher and some proof of postage receipts. I also have a purple Uniball Signo pen in this pen loop (with a Muji erasable in blue in the other loop). There is enough space for another two cards and also a full length pocket too. 

Here is the side view...

And here is the view from the top. Can you see all the coloured pages, which I had decorated with washi tape?

So, this is my Osterley. I am in love and I can't see myself using another Filofax now. The Affair was wonderful but I think I much prefer this leather feel than the lace. Moreover, The Affair was so big in comparison and I like having the option of stuffing my rings or not.

What Filofax are you lusting after at the moment?


  1. Angela, it's beautiful, thanks for the tour.

    And now I'm on the verge of a washi tape spending spree! I own a few rolls, but only in blacks, grays and silver. I love how colorful yet simple your washi-tape bordered pages are.

    1. No problem!

      Hehe, I started with only a few rolls too and I have around 50 rolls now :/ Just a warning for you: it gets addictive :) x

  2. I am after the same Filofax! It looks so devine! Are the covers firm or flexible? Can it hold many more pages than what you have in there? And do you feel you have to be extra special in handling it or is it just like a normal Filofax? Sorry for all the questions... But I can't get my hands on one til I buy.... And I need to know if it's as good as it looks!

    1. The cover is pretty flexible but it does feel a bit delicate. That said, I just toss it into my handbag whenever I leave the house and I don't really care for it (apart from the Nivea Creme facial I gave it, a few weeks after I got it). It's pretty sturdy though and I'm sure that, with time, it will age very well.

      I wouldn't say my Filofax is stuffed and I think that, if I tried, I could get another 3-4 months of WO2P diary inserts on there if I wanted to. But, I'm trying to declutter all aspects of my life so I haven't done so :) The rings are the same size as other personal sized Filofax models (as far as I know: 23mm??) so I'm sure that, as the leather is so supple, that it can hold more inserts than you'll ever want to put in it :)

      It honestly is amazing - and I think it was on offer on Amazon recently if you want to get it from there (as Amazon do free returns too!). I have a feeling you're based in the U.S. though so not sure if you can purchase through the UK Amazon site?

      Anymore questions, feel free to ask! And if you want anymore pictures, etc, do let me know.

  3. It looks incredible! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Please support my up and coming blog about life and fashion in Los Angeles by following it on Bloglovin ;) I can follow you back if you want ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

    1. Thank you!

      Unfortunately, I don't have Bloglovin' (though, I notice that my blog is on there?!) but your blog looks good! x

  4. WOW I love it as usual!!! I have been lusting after an Osterley for a while!!!! I am considering buying at the Philofaxy Meet up in September, or maybe before if Funds allow :) I love the deep plum but the pink stitching it is just such a beautiful organiser :) x

    1. See how you feel in September when you see it in person ;) Then order it on Amazon (cos it's £86 there for the personal size!) x

  5. Angela -

    Great post, love the first pic w/all of your resolutions - nice sentiments!

    I started on my Filofax addiction in January when I held an Osterley for the first time! I ended up buying a personal Amazona in black - which I adore - and then some more (ahem). Much to my regret I decided against the Osterley b/c I thought the pen loops - which lay towards the spine instead of away from it - would ruffle the edges of the inserts. In your experience, is this true?

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Nancy.

      Thanks for your lovely comment :)

      Due to the way I have set my Osterley up, there is little to no ruffling of the page edges and if the pens do overlap with the pages, they end up pushing the tabs/pages rather than ruffling them. I guess you just have to try it to believe what I'm saying!

      I do love this model though and can't see myself migrating out of it anytime soon (if ever!) and it's made me seriously think about selling the majority of my other Filofax organisers too. I also have the Amazona in black and although it is lovely, it just isn't me :) I can see why you love it though! I did fall in love with it when I first held it too; but I just fell deeper in love with the Osterley :) x

    2. Hmm, I, too, may have to sell some of my unused FF's in order to shore up my bank account and buy an O. I just hate the effort of posting and processing sales via Ebay...

      The Amazona is kinda like me - a bit dramatic. And the thickness of the cover corresponds with my big, fat, writing. I tend to squash that tendency within the confines of my FF, but I let it out with much pleasure when I leave notes for the family using a black Sharpie on index cards.

      Oh, and yes, it's the plum Osterley that cast its spell on me.

  6. Glad to hear that you've found your perfect filofax! I'm currently lusting after an A5 Adelphi, but can't find them anywhere in my hemisphere :( Will have to save my pennies for international postage, then hope eBay is kind to me.

  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Osterley with us :)
    I was lusting after a personal purple Malden & managed to get one, so am one very happy bunny now! So, I'm in the process of selling all my others & then will have 3 to give away for my holiday essentials challenge.

  8. Hey angela, is this a persoanl size or a compact size?