29 Aug 2012

all stars guest post: pennybridge as a travel filo

Today's post is an All Stars guest post courtesy of Carou from Wandrrlust.org. It's an honour to feature her today as her blog is her blog is well written, has a lovely design and the content is varied but relevant!

She has done a post on how she has used her Pennybridge as a Travel Filo.


Hi everyone!~ I’m Carou from wandrrlust.org, and I’m so honored to be writing a guest post for Angela as part of the Philofaxy All Stars Tour 2012. Angela left the topic of the post up to me, and of course I grabbed the opportunity to show off (yet again!) my brand spankin’ new compact Pennybridge in purple (which has very unoriginally been dubbed Penny).

I read that Penny isn’t made of real leather, and being a leather snob, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like the material. But all fears were unfounded when I finally received her – the “leather” (or whatever material it is!) feels as good as real, and is heavenly to touch!

The plan has always been for Penny to be my travel Filo – to plan trips, packing lists, shopping lists and any other details. I plan to use her in conjunction with my Moleskine city notebooks; Penny will fill the gap for all general travel information and details.

The above picture was taken before I formally moved into Penny – she holds my frequent flyer cards, Priority Pass lounge cards and my Krisflyer co-brand credit card. I’m still undecided on how to decorate the “dashboard” – right now, I just have a plain sticky with notes on what to wear in winter (I’m planning a trip this winter, and being from a tropical country where it’s summer all year round, I’m at quite a loss as to what materials suit a winter climate best. Hence the research.)

Pre-moving in: A temporary list of things I want to include inside Penny – including a photocopy of my passport, all important info like Frequent Flyer numbers, and of course, itinerary and packing lists.

After the Filofax registration page, I have a central information page which lists passport information, frequent flyer numbers and hotel loyalty program numbers. On the reverse, I list the 24-hour hotline for my Foreign ministry (I decided against having specific embassy numbers here, since that will go under Trip Details. The 24-hour numbers work for anywhere in the world) and phone numbers for my various banks in case I lose my credit cards or phone while overseas.

Planning the sections inside Penny. I’m still undecided if I should separate them based on function (e.g. packing lists in one section, trip details in another, etc) or if they should be divided according to trip (e.g. packing list + trip details etc together). For now, they are split according to the former, because I can just re-use packing lists for different trips. I don’t want to have a separate divider for each trip, but that might change in the future.

An overview of my dividers and how each individual divider looks like (they’re all on different paper). I made the dividers from scratch again as I can’t stand using the standard dividers (more on that in a separate post on my blog). I also used a trick I learned from Angela – each divider title is written on washi tape, which allows for some flexibility in changing their use if or when I decide I want to separate things based on trip.

An overview of how my sections look like – itinerary, packing list and outfit list. The pages are still pretty empty cos the trip is currently in the planning stage, but they should start getting filled quite soon.
And that’s how my Pennybridge looks like for now. Thanks again Angela for letting me write a guest post! 



Thank you so much, Carou, for agreeing to write this post for Paper Lovestory :) It was a pleasure and honestly, isn't her handwriting so beautiful? I love how she has organised it as well and it really makes me hope that I'll be going on holiday later this year!

What do you guys think?


  1. Enjoyed. I really want a purple zipped compact malden but those are elusive. How do you find the material in the Pennybridge? Is it flexible (pockets). I know the soft malden leather would be very flexible, just wondering how you find the Pennybridge as I know it is not leather. Love the color and considering as future purchase (if they are still available that is...things seem to come and go very fast in Filoland :)

  2. I like how you have organized your travel filofax. It has given me ideas for my own. :)

  3. @indigogarden: Thanks! xx Hope to see how you've done yours up (:

    @Cheryl: The Pennybridge has two materials - the main material is some sort of faux leather (don't know what to call it exactly), but the card storage compartment (with the zipped compartment) is made out of fabric. There is a gusset, so you can use it as a travel wallet if you so wish. There are 11 card slots in total. Because of the fabric, it's easy to take cards in and out.

    I can't compare it to a Malden as I don't own one. The material feels sturdy to the touch, but I can imagine that if you toss it in a bag and there are exposed keys or sharp surfaces like that, a nick would easily show up.

    I would say the Pennybridge is great if you intend to use your Filo as a wallet, or if you constantly hold many knick-knacks inside and want it to be as contained as possible.

    Hope this helps! xx