15 Aug 2012

review: Oxford campus notebook

I was quite lucky in that I won one of these from a Facebook comp about a month ago. I've been a long advocate of Oxford notepaper but they have changed how the notebooks look. They have rebranded them as 'Campus Notebooks':

And when you open the notebook: 

And then overleaf of that is a sheet where you can write in your timetable. In my opinion, this is more relevant to high school students because in my time at uni, I have never had more than one week which were identical.

A closer look at the paper now:

But is it still as high quality as what the previous Oxford paper was like? Well, here is how the paper takes some of my pens:

I made a few errors on the way, which called for Tippex but other than that, the paper took all pens pretty well! No feathering. But more importantly, is there show through on the other side?

As it happens, no. For the majority of pens. All of my Muji pens were fine and some had a tiny bit of show-through. The one that was most prominent on the other side of the page were my Staedtler Lumocolour pens. Hardly surprising, considering that the ink is permanent! 

Overall, these notepads are good. They are A4 in size, come hole-punched and have perforations so that they can be torn out cleanly, ready for its insertion into an A4 binder. The paper quality is still of a high quality. Unfortunately, I don't know how much they will retail for but even with a re-brand, they are still brilliant.


  1. So those pages would fit an A4 Filofax, do they do an A5 equivalent I wonder?

    1. Yes, I think so ..... http://philofaxy.blogspot.cz/2012/03/guest-post-oxford-international-a5.html


  2. I wish they made narrow lined pads

  3. Just bought a stack of their refill pad (same quality) for a £1 each from Tesco!