26 Aug 2012

my filofax week #19

Having kept busy this week, a lot of my days were filled with irrelevant details. However, I made it an effort to look like I had been busy (which wasn't too hard as I was!) to make myself forget the emotional events of the previous week.

Anyway, it worked and with my sister here for the weekend, I spent most of the week preparing surprises for her and also doing some 'blog stuff' too. Sit tight for that - I have so many posts lined up for the next few weeks!

How has your week been?

If you'd like to be featured as next week's 'filofax week', do drop me an email at paperlovestoryblog [@] gmail.com - I will be more than willing to display your week for everyone to see :) It's nice to see how other people plan and manage their weeks and stuff!


  1. I love your Filofax week posts :)! Thank you for sharing

  2. Sorry, I have one question for you. Do you have any advice for pens that don't bleed through the white Filofax pages? (Pens I can purchase in the U.S)?

    1. I don't use the white pages so unfortunately, I can't really help! I stick to the cotton cream ones as they appear to be of a better quality. For these, I mainly use Muji Erasables or Muji gel pens. x

  3. Where do you get the adorable pink elongated cat sticker tabs??