7 Aug 2012

spare diary note pages

Whilst decluttering my room, I found some old diaries I used a few years back. I came across this one:

And I remember it being well-loved and also well used. I also remember loving the illustrations and the paper quality! It was bought during my month-long holiday to Hong Kong in the summer of 2009 and it was only about $10 (HK dollars), which equates to less than a British pound. Yep, you heard right; and I'm not lying to you! This low price of stationery honestly makes me consider moving to Hong Kong sometime in my life.

Before I state the point of this post, let me just show you a week spread from my first year at uni (before I reverted to a Filofax!).

Within this diary, there were a lot of blank pages for note-taking. A lot of these pages weren't used so I decided to rip them out and trim them down to size. After doing that, I hole punched them so that they will fit into my Filofax. Here are a few photos showing some of the pages.

Some pages, pre-lined:

Check out the lovely illustration shown in the next picture:

And more illustrated pages:

At the back of the diary were pages for addresses and details of friends, family, etc. I also ripped these out and trimmed them down to size. I'm not sure I will ever use them (as I don't really write letters anymore due to the ease of e-mail).

And a close-up of the latter half of the address page:

I'm planning on going to Hong Kong again in a few months time (or maybe even next month) but only if I save up enough through selling on eBay! If I do go, I will definitely be stocking up on cute stationery and maybe even cute diaries which have the potential to have their pages ripped out and punched for use in my Filofax.

Sometimes I wish that Filofax did a cuter range of inserts too. This would also be a decent marketing ploy as it could encourage more teenagers to use the Filofax brand; but also allow it to tap significantly into the East Asian market. Just saying!


  1. Those contacts pages are adorable!

    1. I know! Makes me want to write more letters (instead of Facebooking) to friends just so I can fill those sheets in hehe :) x

  2. Have to admit that a whole new world opened up for me, once I bought a decent hole punch! I'm step by step moving away from the Filofax inserts. I now carry Organised Mum Weekly pages (repunched wirebound pages) and the daily pages from Circa Balance Life (also repunched). For note paper I'm using the Oxford notebook, which has such a marvelous paper!, and the Circa and Arc inserts, Sandra was kind enough of sending me. Also perfect paper!
    My monthly planner are printouts of Ray's genious layout, which I printed on babyblue paper.
    I'm falling more and more in love with my Filofax!
    Who needs Filofax paper anyway ...? It's the leather and binders we're after, right?

    1. I've had a hole punch for over a year but I've never thought to make my own inserts because I thought buying them would be easier? Well, now that I've tried making my own, I'm not sure I'll be buying any (bar diary ones) :) It's hard to find cotton cream coloured paper so that is one thing that will have to be purchased for the time being!

      I love Oxford paper too though I'm yet to find a size that fits my personal Filofax :) But it is so thick and can withstand any type of ink = love! x

  3. I love cute planners like that - I buy them all the time. It's a problem :)


  4. Love these inserts!
    Never knew HK was big on stationery like that, always thought it was more a Korean/Japanese thing. Will definitely have to check out the HK stationery stores the next time I'm there.

  5. That's a very cute planner! :D And I agree with you about the inserts thing. I can't believe Filofax is ignoring everything that might make it the number one brand to have again... T_T