1 Aug 2012

july can't live withouts

July was a mixed month for me. Home admin, life admin and basically, just relaxing after the realisation that I had completed a degree. It's hard to believe that I made it this far as I didn't really enjoy my degree subject but with no exams failed and an experience that will set me up for life, I am glad I persevered when the going got tough.

Anyway, here were the four things I couldn't have lived without in July.

1) Revenge, American TV Series.

Watching Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke reek havoc with her plans of revenge in a bid to avenge the death of her wrongly convicted father is fascinating. The plot is good, the script is well written and the acting is a lot better than mediocre. Just what I look for in a TV series.

2) My Kindle.

Although I have only had it for just over two weeks, I have used it every day for hours on end. I love reading and this has finally allowed me to read books that I wouldn't have otherwise bothered with. The fact that it weighs less than a paperback definitely helps! I've read 

3) Fentiman's Ginger Beer

July was a month of mixed weather. Overcast skies, days where the sun scorched the earth and also days where it seemed like it was never going to stop raining. However, throughout all this weather, I found that ginger beer lifted my spirits. Don't get me wrong, I haven't been guzzling it like water, but I've had one a week. When it was rainy and overcast, the ginger beer reminded me of good times in London thus bringing a smile to my face. And when it was sunny, it cooled me down. 

4) Garnier Eye Roll On

Last but not least, this Garnier Roll-on for the eyes. I've not been sleeping well this month; partly due to the heat and partly due to university-withdrawal symptoms! As a result of this, the bags under my eyes appear to have asexually reproduced and caused one massive bag. This roll on seems to help, but it may also be due to the caffeine present in it which is the all-important ingredient! Therefore, I think I know what the solution is: increase my daily caffeine dose!

So this is what I could not have lived without. My Filofax also came in handy; what with my selling on eBay, for recording what jobs I have applied for as well as keeping track of any on-going projects (such as not buying anymore clothes, shoes and handbags; as well as the 101 in 1001 list which is still going strong). Also, my umbrella and Aquascutum mac saw a lot of use this month too, but not enough to make it into this list!

What couldn't you have lived without?

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