5 Dec 2012

stationery addicts anonymous, meeting 3: Millie

Welcome to this week's meeting. I hope that as time goes by, you become more willing to accept your addiction and may even pluck up the courage to speak about it at one of these meetings :)

This week, we meet Millie. *collectively* Hello Millie. Without further ado, let's hear Millie's story :)


Hi all!  I'm Millie, and I blog over at Planet Millie.  Whilst my blog is a lifestyle blog, I talk about stationery a lot, so I guess it's natural that Angela has asked me to take part in this series on stationery!

I don't really have favourite stationery items, so this list was hard to compile.  Over the years, I've recycled quite a few items (and bought a lot more!), but I guess I don't really have many stationery items that I get attached to these days.  In the end, I could only identify two items that I love and would be sad to lose in a fire.

1.  Red Plaisir fountain pen.  I seriously love this pen (more than my Lamys!).  The pen is lovely to hold, it's pretty and the nib is a pleasure to write with.  This pen is new to my collection - I only bought it this year, but it was an excellent purchase!  Red is my favourite colour (along with orange) and the pen is such a vibrant, shiny colour.  For bonus points, this pen is dead cheap and can use a converter.  After a bit of experimenting, I've inked it with orange.  It's a match made in heaven!  This is my go-to pen for writing!

2.  Harley Davidson Waterman ballpoint.  My second favourite stationery item is a pen too!  But this is a ballpoint.  I use it mostly for scribbling and throwing in my handbag (never throw a fountain pen in a handbag!).  I've had this pen since I was a teenager, and it is one of my favourites for a number of reasons.  Firstly, my Mutti bought it for me! :) Secondly, it's a Waterman and so writes really nicely.  I don't really use ballpoints (this is one of only a handful I own), but Waterman do make good ones.  Like my Plaisir, it has a lovely smooth finish and is satisfying to hold.  Lastly, it's a limited edition Harley Davidson tribute, with flames on the barrel.  It was a present when I was going through my teenage motorbike phase (everyone has one of those phases, right?).  Sadly, I never did get a motorbike, but this pen is definitely a pen I would consider saving in a fire.
And for those wondering, my heart belongs to the BMW touring bikes range, but I won't say no to a Harley!


I love love love the Red Plaisir fountain pen - the colour and the design is just droolworthy. Millie's blog is definitely worth a gander for more things relating to stationery, notebooks and also some interesting posts about the environment. And the best bit? Not only is the blog really, really well-written, Millie also lives in Lincolnshire (only the best county ever to live in).

Thank you, Millie, for being this week's addict. Remember, you are not alone. Together, we can overcome (or carry on enabling) this addiction we all share. :)