26 Dec 2012

stationery addicts anonymous, meeting #6: Rebecca

This week, I really do have an anonymous addict ;) She goes by the name Rebecca (real name or not, I'll leave that for you to decide) and there are no links to a Twitter account or blog ;)

Without further ado, here is Rebecca's three favourite stationery items.


I found it hard to choose three favourite things but I just eventually thought what would I pretty much always buy when I see it in a shop!

1. Japanese Paper Pads

I love these little pads! My dad gets them for me when he goes to Japan with work, Every page has a different design on it and they come with a page of stickers in the front. The problem is I don't want to use any of them cause I can't get them back!

2. Cute Sticky Notes

I love love love cute little sticky notes in the shapes of animals or in bright colours. I use them in my work or through my diary. I tend to get these from Japan too or from shops like Artbox.

3. Composition Books

The final thing which I love are marble fronted composition books. They're great as journals or for taking notes at uni. They're not the best quality but I just love the classic design of them.

And that's it. The the three stationery items I am most addicted to along with many many more!


I am really envious of these three choices! The Japanese pads are so cute and the notebooks - oh my, wouldn't you just love to see a bookshelf full of these with all of them filled?! I would!

Thank you, Rebecca, for being brave enough to talk about your addiction :-)

How are you all coping with your addiction? It was Christmas yesterday (this is a scheduled post, I'm not posting this today as today is actually my family's Christmas day as my mum was working yesterday. As a result, we are doing Christmas today!) so the question is, how many of you received stationery items for Christmas ;)

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