31 Dec 2012

december essentials

December brought with it some weird weather (one day, it would be freezing - so much so that the overnight frost did not clear at all, and the next, it would be quite sunny with no frost?) and also some good news (more on this if it materialises into brilliant news). Overall, it's been quite a decent end to 2012 and I look forward to what 2013 brings.

As with every month, here is this month's essentials:

1) A Christmas jumper!

I opted for a Christmas jumper dress instead as I can't wear trousers at the moment due to the surgical scar, so jumpers are currently a no-go (but jumper dresses are a happy alternative!). Instead of a picture of the dress on a hanger, you get one of me wearing it!

2) Pens!

I went through four of these pens this month (when usually I go through one or two), but not because the ink ran out. The ball at the point fell out of two of them, rendering them useless. I emailed Pentel to let them know that this is the not the first time I've had this happen but that this is the first time I've had two balls fall out in a few weeks! They didn't even bother to reply - I would have thought feedback, good or bad, would have been appreciated so that they could improve products and stuff?

They do write smoothly but I cannot recommend these pens for problems I have had with the tip. I only have two more of these pens to get through (including the one in the picture) so after that, I won't be purchasing any refills for them. I think I will stick to my beloved Muji pens in the future.

3) Glasses

Being Chinese, I'm obviously short-sighted (I hope no one gets offended by that! I regularly poke fun at the stereotypical parts of my culture/race!). I normally wear contact lenses when out and about but with the cold weather and central heating on, they have made my eyes quite dry. As a result, I have resorted to good old fashioned glasses.

This is the pair that I currently love; my Marc by Marc Jacobs cat-eye tortoiseshell glasses :) They are super light so are perfect for everyday wear.

A short list this month as the other essentials are more boring things like scarf, gloves, ear muffs, a wool hat, etc. due to the weather :)

What did you need to get through this month? Considering Christmas was in December, I am guessing that many of you required a drink or two to get through the festivities ;)

One last thing: happy new year! I can't believe it's 2013 tomorrow. This year has just flown by...


  1. I'm shocked to hear of your problems with your EnerGel pens. Those pens are among my all-time favourites and, while I haven't gone through all that many of them so far, I have never had any problems like that. I hope it's not a sign that Pentel's quality control is getting worse - and that's a disappointment as well to hear that Pentel did not even respond to your emails.

    And your jumper dress looks very cute, by the way! It looks especially good with your matching belt :)

    1. I had ten of the Energel pens in total and at least three have had balls fall out... A bit frustrating really! I bought these in April last year and I finally finished them all last month and won't be buying them again unfortunately. I emailed them to give them some feedback in the hope that they would look into it for the pens they make in the future but no reply... and that was well over a month and a half ago!

      Thank you! The jumper's from Primark :-) cheap and cheerful, and it has wool in so it is very warm (and a little bit itchy hehe) x