14 Dec 2012

getting in the Christmas spirit with candy canes and washi tape

It's Christmas in just over ten days and I don't think I've really mentioned or done a proper post on anything Christmas related? Well, to be fair, I had no reason to... until today!

On Wednesday, I was in town and headed into a shop called 'Home Bargains'. I think they are kind of like Poundland but not everything is £1 in price - things are usually discounted at around 60% (sometimes more, sometimes less). Anyway, I found these candy canes! They were twelve for 79p and well, I couldn't resist. I intend to give them out as a way of spreading some festive cheer :)

When I got home, I was thinking of a way to make the labelling of them more creative and then it hit me: washi tape. I have so much washi tape, I was bound to be able to choose twelve different patterns and colours. 

This was how the first one turned out. I basically cut some washi tape and then wrapped it around the candy cane, but at the same time, ensuring that the label bit was long enough for someone's name to be written on.

And the end result? Twelve cheerful looking candy canes, each labelled! A good final touch would be to add a ribbon to each, and then hang each one onto a Christmas tree. I have yet to source out any ribbon though so these pictures only show the candy canes 'washi-taped'.


  1. There's a Home Bargains near me. It stocks so much stuff for wallet friendly prices, I'm really glad it opened.

    But the staff are grumpy and, quite often, rude. I guess that's the price you pay for the discounts.

    1. Yup, the staff were quite frosty on Wednesday when I bought these! But having seen candy canes for higher prices elsewhere, I just put on a smile and tried to infect them with some Christmas cheer (it didn't work) x

    2. I need to pop to Home Bargains too... usually for a rummage in the sweet section, a snoop around the stationery section, and to grab a cheap & cheerful 18 pack of loo rolls (ahem). Their customer service always makes me feel unwanted, but heck, I get my sweets (goodbye teeth!)... Love how you presented the candy canes ^_^


    3. Haha! The loo roll is very cheap there and on occasion, my family have also purchased some too ;) Thank you for the kind comment about the candy canes. I'm now on the lookout for green and gold ribbon to make them look a bit more Christmassy :) x