17 Dec 2012

my 2013 happiness project

Back in 2011, I tried to start a Happiness Project but failed because I hadn't started it in January. For me, this was annoying because the book started in January and so I had to start halfway through the book and not read continuously. So, my goal for 2013 is to try this project again. I will read each chapter in advance (in fact, I've already read January's and taken notes so I'm adequately prepared!) and hopefully, this will make the project more of a success.

Although Gretchen Rubin has designated goals for each month, I have mixed these goals around a bit as with January being a month of 'more energy', I can't really go any proper exercise at the moment as I'm still not back to the 100% I was at before the surgery. As a result of this, I have rejiggled the goals a bit and instead, my January is a 'Friendship: Make Time For Friends' month.

I feel that is an adequate goal as I've found it hard to travel on my own these past two months and so trips to London and other places have been minimal as either the pain gets a bit too much (I can only bend down every so often at the moment!) and I get tired seriously easily (what is up with that?). I've been improving steadily though!

Anyway, with me being back in London in the new year (can I get a 'yay'?), I will have a lot more time for friends. And there will be ample more opportunities for socialising too! I've used the same goals that Gretchen has used in her book:

1) Remember birthdays (yay for being organised and for keeping a diary!)
2) Show up (I always show up unless I have a genuine reason not to, so this one should be easy!)
3) Be generous (I love giving gifts so, again, this one should be easy)
4) Make three new friends
5) Don't gossip (quite easy too, I love gossiping about celebrities but people I know? That's just too far.)

Hopefully by the end of this month, I will be feeling more fulfilled and happier. I've missed my friends and I'm really quite excited to see them all on a more regular basis :) And how will you find out if this worked? Well, I will be rounding up my first month on my own Happiness Project at the end of this month and I will be preparing for the start of February - a month which will concentrate on 'aiming higher'.


  1. Very cute idea! I may just join you, but sadly I'm awful at making friends!

    1. Take it as a challenge that you will try and succeed at, then? :-) That way, you can say you tried to improve on your ability to make friends, as opposed to just giving up without trying? Having now finished uni, it will be a challenge for me too, which is why I want to do it :) x

  2. Good luck, I love this book and have tried to make my own happiness project a few times and failed, i'm not sure this year is a good time for me but you never know 2014 may be my year :-)

  3. Thank you! I hope this will work this year. It will be hard as some of the goals aren't measurable, as such, but as the saying goes, it's quality that counts, not quantity! x

  4. You've convinced me to read this book and make my happiness project too! I have just ordered it and I am really eager to start it. Thank you for inspiring me Angela and please, don't stop showing us your Filo organization which I love!

    1. Hehe that's good to hear :) I hope the project is successful for you! x