25 Dec 2012

merry christmas, everyone!

This is a scheduled post - before any of you think that I am blogging on Christmas Day! This Christmas, my mum is working the late shift at the hospital so we are doing Christmas on Boxing Day instead. That's the thing with working for the NHS, she has to work either Christmas or New Year's and this year, she drew the short straw (well, neither strong is that long to be honest)!

It's not my finest, but I am going through a bit of a creativity/blogging block at the moment! So that's the reason behind this somewhat 'peachy (coloured)' 'card', if you will. The main thing is that the sentiment is there. I wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas and a very, happy new year. I hope that 2013 is the year where all your wishes come true and is also your best year yet.

Texture Credit: Hybrid Genesis

Much love, Angela x

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