14 Feb 2013

cute valentine's day cards

Another year, another Valentine's day. This year, I've sent two cards to my sister (a cunning plan was behind this - I'll explain later!) because the cards I found were perfect. Again, more on that when I explain each of the cards.

The reason I've not sent anyone else a Valentine's card or anything is because I'm concentrating on myself this year. When I was about seventeen/eighteen, my goal in life was to have a good career and do well in that career but as I got older, I realised that family is equally important too and my 'wants' shifted ever so slightly. Now, I am back to the career side. That is one thing I can control as a baby or a family is out of my control - what will be, will be, right?

Anyway, enough rambling. Here is the first card:

My sister and I both studied the same A Level subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Maths) and we both got the same grades so I guess nerdiness runs in the family! The only difference is now that she's doing her degree in Chemistry whereas mine was Biochemistry. As a result, this card is perfect.

The second card looks like this:

My sister and I have identical bears from years ago so again, this card makes perfect sense to us.

Now that is done and explained; why the two cards? Well, I'm hoping to pinch one to punch into my binder to jazz it up a bit, or even just stick it on my wall to add to posters and photos of memories from the past. I love cute illustrations and both of these are just so creative that part of the reason as to why I purchased it was actually to punch them for use in my binder (as maybe even a divider!).

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year?


  1. I love those cards!
    I didn't take a photo (wishing I had!) but the card I got for my boyfriend says 'To my significant otter', and shows two cartoon otters sleeping/holding hands. I got it because he loves otters and otter puns hahah. I can't wait to give it to him!

    1. Aww that sounds cute! Hope he was as happy with his card as my sister was with these two hehe x