25 Feb 2013

my "greatest hits"

I looked back at some of the blog posts I am most proud of and decided to compile a 'greatest hits' blog post. Whilst compiling this list, I also looked at the blog statistics to see which posts were popular with readers too. And so, here is the list separated into different categories.

Posts About Binders

- Filofax Slimline Deco and Slimming into it...
- Smythson Bond Street Organiser ( + the tour)
- Kate Spade Agenda
- Filofax awards ceremony
- the set up of an Affair

Posts About University

- using a binder for university
- revision and exams
- lecture notes
- more lecture note organisation

Using Creativity in Organisation

- Labelling tabs
- Labelling tabs with washi tape
- Resolutions page
- Muji Erasables
- making notepaper look pretty
- washi tape and old cans to make pen pots

Posts Relating to 'My Week'

- my very first week
- my first week in the Smythson refills (#42)
- join in with my week posts!

And my own special favourite post...

- handwritten post

I know this may seem like a boring post, but if you're a new(ish) reader, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the number of posts in the archive, these posts could be a good starting point.

And, to be fair, I have enjoyed reading through these old posts myself. It helps me grow as a writer and also enables to see what blog post subjects are the ones I enjoy writing the most :-)


  1. Just thought I would say that your university posts have to be the best ones I have read on a blog, very helpful. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my organization or note taking, I come back to your blog for inspiration. I also love your creativity posts, love to see more of those! :)

    1. Aw thank you! There will be more once I start university again in September :-) I'm always looking for ways to be creative with time management cos it just adds that extra bit of individuality (as no two lives are the same, therefore no two planners would be either!) and hope that this creativity can transfer through a computer/laptop monitor hehe x