26 Feb 2013

my week round-up #8

Another Tuesday and another round-up for you all. I've noticed that each and everyone of you have different styles and different ways of keeping organised and it is a fantastic thing to see week-in, week-out.

{1} The Nest Not Exactly Empty
{2} Live Love Organize
{3} Puddytat Purr
{4} She's Eclectric
{5} Imogen Rose Beauty
{6} Well Planned Life
{7} Leesh
{8} Deligted <-- missed you out last week by accident, sorry! :)
{9} Bake, Write and Live Life
{10} Miss Mai's Adventures
{11} Katie Louise Halsall
{12} The Wonderful Life of Alice <-- not boring at all!
{13} Red Lips 'n' Pearls
{14} Imy's World <-- love Friday - so creative and pretty!
{15} This Little Life of Mine
{16} Behind my Purpley Life <-- pretty as always!
{17} Planning With A Printed Portal
{18} Deligted
{19} Sunset Over Ocean
{20} Friday, I'm in Love <-- love this one, so creative and colourful
{21} DIY Sara <-- love the pen used. And sorry to hear about Oliver :-(
{22} Cider With Sophie <-- LOVE her handwriting!
{23} Pony Town
{24} My Filofax Adventure

And my favourite this week?

Credit: Bake, Write and Live Life

This is so pretty, it would cheer anyone up. Honestly, the use of colour and the uppercase handwriting has a certain appeal to it. The use of stickers and deco tape is minimal but effective :)


  1. Love this post and this idea :)
    Just having a look at all the different styles, everyone is so creative! Puts my diary to shame!


    1. Aw thank you! I love looking at the different styles too. Quite often, I think seeing other people's planners can inspire creativity in yourself too :) x

  2. Aw, yay! Thanks for choosing me! :) x

    1. hehe no problem. Thank YOU for taking part :) x

  3. Thanks Angela! Your my inspiration!

    1. Aw that's so kind, thank you! Your pages inspire me too! x