1 Feb 2013

january review: essentials & happiness project

Another month, another review. This year, the reviews will be split into two parts; one part about my happiness project and the second part being the usual monthly essentials.


I kind of failed this month with regards to being more social and seeing friends and that is because I was all caught up in the house move that is now imminent! In less than a week's time, I will have a new address and that means a hell of a lot of packing, and also a lot of decluttering.

However, I did manage to fit in some time for friends. I was in London for a day, back in early January, and I met up with a friend for dinner and I will also be going out for afternoon tea with another friend sometime soon! And to cap it off, I fit in some time for volunteering too but I do feel sad about leaving that role after four and a half years' of weekly service.

Noted in my diary - To book a date for the afternoon tea! We bought a deal on Groupon :-)

It is times like these that I have become super attached to my phone too. Short texts and tweets also allow me to keep in touch with friends under the time constraints I am currently enduring (as packing is overriding all other activities right now)!

Although I'm counting this month as a fail, I'm hoping to make up for it after my move back to London. At first, the move was meant to be in mid-January but got pushed back to February, which meant that this goal was no longer (realistically) achievable.

Onto my goals for February. The overall happiness goal is 'Aim Higher' and this I will try and do. I have been applying for jobs in and around the area I am moving to (in an attempt to try and minimise travel costs and time) and am also setting goals for this blog (to continue posting regularly and with posts of a higher quality). I am sure that my February will consist mainly of some inevitable interior design as the new house will need a new paint job in each room as well as new carpets and other little things. Only time will tell if any of my self-set goals are a success and of course, I will be evaluating that at the end of the month.


There is only one this month, unless you would like to see pictures of cardboard boxes and packaging tape? I hope next month's will be more interesting but I have a feeling it will consist of wall paints and old clothes that I wore to do the painting in! If that is the case, I won't post pictures of the latter - don't worry!

1) Earmuffs

Due to the snow and bitterly cold winds, I have become reliant on things that keep my extremities and other parts of my exposed body warm. And that's where these cute earmuffs come in. I bought them in the sale at the end of 2011 (I think?) and they have served me well. Plus, they are a quirky alternative to a knitted hat or beret, right?

Was there a lot of snow where you were? And what were your January essentials?

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