27 Feb 2013

february's happiness check-in and review

Another month, another chapter of my own Happiness Project done and dusted. As mentioned earlier this month, I was focussing on aiming higher. In order to try and succeed with this goal, I set myself some challenges.

1) Get a job in healthcare.

Although I have not had the time to do any job searching after this house move, I have signed up to the NHS Jobs e-mail alert whenever a job of interest comes up in this new area. However, as I am only available for part-time work until about August, it is proving difficult to find any vacancies that I can apply for. I may have to resort to just asking for work experience though.

2) Redecorate as much of the house as possible.

Only recently have we managed to get some quotes for some of the work that needs doing. I have already planned out the paint colours, etc for each room so this is a work in progress! It will take a fair few months for this to be accomplished though.

3) Continue blogging three times a week (at least).

I went through a phase of blogger's block recently and it seems I am (slowly!) finally finding my way out of this rut. I have some ideas for blog posts coming up, and I have planned quite a few relating to time management and studying, so sit tight for those! They may not be published for a few months but they will definitely appear before the new academic year starts in September.

Now, onto the March chapter of my Happiness Project. This is one where I remember love. I will write more letters, keep in touch with friends on a more regular basis than I do now and not nag or anything like that. Let's see how that goes, eh...


As with my normal monthly reviews, here were my essentials.

1) SatNav

Moving to a new area means that we don't know where the local shops are, or even how to get around. And so, for the first two or three weeks in this new area, we have been very reliant on our SatNav. It has been a God-send as without it, I don't think we could have gone grocery shopping, or even been to visit friends in this area.

2) Oyster Card

Being so close to London means that my Oyster card has seen more use than usual. When I used to live in London, during my university years, I rarely used it then as everything was within a short walk and so didn't see a need to take a bus just to head to the supermarket! However, the trains from my new place into London now mean that I have to take public transport to get to the city, which is why my Oyster was included in this list.

3) Porridge and Warming Noodle Soups

One of my personal favourites: udon noodles (they taste better than they look) and fish balls. I improvise the soup base by adding half of a teaspoon of Korean chilli paste and half a teaspoon of oyster sauce; and if I do say so myself, it is delicious

It has been a very cold month here in the UK. We tried to copy birds in migrating south but unfortunately for us, I don't think we went south enough to get the warm weather! As a result, I have been surviving on porridge for breakfast and warm noodle soups for lunch.

Having seen the doctor and deducing that going gluten-free didn't really do much in the long run, I can eat gluten again, yay! Over the past year, I lost some weight whilst on a gluten-free diet so I'm still incorporating as many gluten-free meals as possible (as I think it is a healthier diet anyway) but I can eat pizza and pasta again (honestly, if I could be reborn as any nationality, I think Italian would be up there... along with Korean; and all because of the food!).

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