27 Mar 2013

pantone colour of the year 2012 notebook

I have a soft spot for the colour orange (and pink! But not together.) and when I saw this notebook, I knew I had to have it. With it being 'colour of the year 2012' made it all the more appealing. I don't usually fall for all of the hype various items get but this time, I was sucked in completely.

The cover is a lovely bright orange:

And inside, the design of the sheets were that the top two-thirds had a light grey background, with the bottom third a bog-standard white. There are ruled sheets, with the rule being a bright yellow colour (how's that for contrast):

Yellow dots:

And finally, yellow squares:

I can't bear to use this notebook yet as I haven't decided what to use it for. On the spine, there is the word 'journal' but that doesn't mean I have to use it as a journal (I am quite the rebel, it seems).

Although I've not used this notebook properly yet, I did do a small pen test with the paper. The paper is very thick (at a guess, I would say it is at least 100gsm) and there was minimal feathering or showthrough when I tested out the paper with a Uniball Eye 0.5mm rollerball pen.

One final thing I will say is that I'm not sure all Pantone notebooks come with this internal layout of squared, lined and dotted paper. My other Pantone purchase certainly didn't.

I apologise that this post is more pictorial than anything but I just wanted to show off a notebook that I had really fallen for from a purely aesthetic point of view.


  1. I love the colour!
    It would be great to use for notes when in lectures - you can write on the grey part during the actual lecture, and then summarise key points and learning outcomes on the white part when you are reviewing the material. I'm a med student and have found doing this really useful - it stops the huge volume of information we are given becoming overwhelming, and REALLY helps come revision time!
    Elle xxx

    1. That is such a good idea! Definitely going to be using these for lectures and whatnot. Never even thought of using the space that way - thanks so much for the suggestion :D x

    2. You're more than welcome! It took me nearly a year of med school to figure that one out, and I really wish someone had told me sooner :)
      Quick question - what's the quality of the paper like in Pantone notebooks? I tend to use a black uniball ink pen - do these bleed through? You've inspired me to pick one up for myself! xx

    3. Hehe, any other medschool tips, throw them my way please! :) I'm kind of daunted by the prospect of the first year, especially as it's the first two years of a five-year course crammed into one.

      Luckily, my sister literally came home for a few days this afternoon and she has my stash of Uniball pens. I've done a test for you using the blue Uniball Eye pen (sorry for the bad lighting as it's now dark outside).

      How the paper looks with the Uniball pen: http://i.imgur.com/CaxhsZq.jpg and the reverse side of where I wrote 'test test': http://i.imgur.com/ez74e9r.jpg

      Overall, I'm quite impressed by the quality! Decent thickness of paper and no show through at all. You could see where I had written 'test test' but that's because I press down hard on paper.

      Hope this helps! :) Let me know what colour you choose as well. I want one in every colour now hehe xxx

    4. Don't worry at all - everyone is in exactly the same boat, and the course is designed for us to be able to pass it (even though it doesn't seem like that sometimes!). I'll send you an email so you have my address, and then if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask :)

      Thank you so much for the test! I'm really impressed - no bleeding, and no show through! Definitely going to get one of these - I just don't know which colour! Knowing me, it will be pink or blue :P I'll let you know! xxx

    5. Received your email, will reply! :) thanks, will note down your email in case I'll need it again next year, thank you :D My course is mainly PBL so I'm hoping that will make things a bit easier (I learn by doing and by finding out the info myself so it should be right up my street!) :)

      The paper really impressed me too when I did the pen test! I'm going to edit this post accordingly to say that :) I have a pink one but in a smaller size :) They do loads and loads of different colours though - it just makes me want one of each hehe xxx

  2. Oooh, dotted and grid pages. Nom.
    I'm so glad you are sharing lovely bold colours, like this Tangerine Tango - uuugh, the weather is so depressing that I need a rainbow of colours as a pick-me-up!
    I've been getting into orange and pink colours too, I especially like this colour called Bongo Jazz 3 from Dulux: http://www.dulux.co.uk/colour/bongo_jazz_3 ... so fruity!

    Maybe one day I'll have a whole shelf filled with my favourite Pantone colour notebooks! >.<


    1. The pages are beautifully designed. Narrow rule is something I love and this notebook has it to the T. Often, I complain the rule is too wide or too narrow but this one is just perfect!

      Loving that Bongo Jazz colour - might have to use that for a part of the house ;) especially as I'm picking out paints at the moment!

      I, too, want a shelf filled with Pantone notebooks. And maybe the Leuchtturm ones too! x

  3. I´ve never seen the Pantone notebooks in the flesh and whenever I see them feature in a blog my heart skips a beat - clearly this is a sign that I need som eof these in my life :-)

    1. They are so colourful and I think if you collected loads in various colours and put them in your Filofax display cabinet, they would look even better ;D Not that I'm trying to influence you or anything...x

    2. That would look amazing... but then I´d have nowhere to put my filofaxes... hmmm :-)

    3. You have enough Filofaxes to fit a display cabinet?! :o That means your house will kind of be like a Filofax museum if you got a few more of those cabinets lol! Have you done a post on your Filofaxes in the display cabinet? I don't remember seeing one but if you haven't, please do one!! x

    4. I ran out of space in the display case (purple Malden launched herself off the shelf and at the doors in a fit of annoyance at the overcrowding), so have had to make decisions re which ones should be in there and which ones shouldn't (until I set up all the ones I have plans for anyway). I will be doing another post when I have got all my babies here, but I have quite a lot waiting to arrive at the moment. Here's the link to my post from September when I first got the display case. http://ljsblogofstuff.blogspot.ch/2012/09/move-complete.html :-)

    5. You ran out of space?! How many Filofaxes do you have hehe. Looking forward to seeing a picture with all your Filofaxes in the display cabinet ;) I've looked at that post from September so many times hehe, I'm kind of envious that you have a Filofax display cabinet!! x