23 Oct 2014

a look back at year one, term three's revision notes

In term three of my first year, I tried something different with regards to my revision notes. I decided to only concentrate on the things I didn't remember as clearly as everything else I needed to know. I wrote all this out in an A5 notebook and added a little bit of colour where I thought it was needed. Sticky notes were used to add a bit of background colour and it was another way to separate the information into different sections.

After a few pages, there was a section for the sociology/population health side of my exams and again, I added some colour.

In terms of the practical exams, I wrote notes on some of the examinations that we may have to do on a mock patient or the questions we may have to ask a mock patient if they've come in to see a doctor.

Personally, I'm impressed that I've managed to keep my handwriting so neat considering how stressed I was about these exams. I'm going to try the same technique next year as it is so convenient having everything in one place and it also so much easier to tote around a notebook than a whole A4 folder full of a term's notes.


  1. Love your handwriting :)


  2. I am studying for my PMP credential and this will be a great method to ensure I remember those things I am have difficulty remembering! Thank you!

  3. Your notebooks are such an inspiration! I wish my notes could be so organized!

  4. I'm jealous of your neat printing! Such wonderful and organized notes :) Good luck with the studying!