12 Oct 2014

my week #130

The weeks are just flying by now and I'd quite like an explanation as to how this is possible?! The weather has changed too and it's now rainy and cold and leaving the house without an umbrella is no longer an option. Before long, I'll be digging out my flannel pyjamas and mittens!

I've fully prepared my 2015 diary now and I'm very excited to show you all when the end of this year draws closer. It is a major change to the diaries I've used for the last few years because it is a bound planner.

Today, I am filling my day with baking as it is my turn to provide the snacks for group work tomorrow and I have decided to make cookies. I may tweet/instagram a picture or two if they turn out aesthetically pleasing :)

How has your week been?

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  1. I'm 8.5 months pregnant and just getting off the sofa is a challenge! I'm passing the time til labor by watching planner set-up videos and brainstorming my ideal planner. I'm going to need all the time management help I can get with two littles :)