30 Oct 2014

my morning routine

A few weeks' ago, I posted about routines being important to me (especially beauty ones - they make me feel like I'm adding some luxurious to my life!) and I said I'd speak more about my morning routine in detail so here it is!

From left to right: Avene Cicalfate, Garnier Micellar water, La Roche-Posay Effaclar AI, La Roche-Posay Effaclar K.
This is the routine that seems to work for me so I'll stick to it.

In the mornings, I wake up at 6:03am - that's the time my alarm is set for. Don't ask me why - I just didn't want to wake up at 6am on the dot as that felt too early and knowing how long it takes me to actually vacate my bed, I knew that I couldn't set it any later either. 

In the mornings, I'll brush my teeth and cleanse my face with a warm face flannel. And then this is what I'll do:

Garnier Micellar Water - I put a little bit of this onto a cotton wool pad and then wipe all over my face and neck. It is easy on the eyes and seems to lift the majority of the overnight dirt.

Avene Cicalfate - This is used on any open wounds or sores. It allowed a cut on my face to heal super quickly - a few weeks' ago, I had a cut that healed from an open wound to a small pink dot in just two days!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar AI - I use this directly on any blemishes that have arisen overnight. If it needs more treatment, I'll use a dab of Clinique's Anti-Blemish Gel instead. I don't usually use Effaclar AI often anymore and for that, I am grateful to the skincare Gods for introducing me to products that are working!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar K - I use this as an all-over treatment. I used to use Effaclar Duo [+] but I find this does the job better at preventing blemishes and controlling oil production.

I then massage in a bit of day moisturiser (I try and use one for oily/combination skin) and I'm good to go! After all of this, I then head downstairs for a spot of breakfast (two slices of toast, either with marmalade or Nutella), get changed and check that everything is packed for that day at uni. And then I'm out of the house at 7:20am to catch the bus - to begin with, this routine was exceptionally painful but once I started going to bed at a more reasonable hour (10pm instead of midnight), the extra sleep did me world of good!

Do you have any routines you stick to?


  1. I keep trying to stick to a routine, but I refuse to set my 5:50am alarm any earlier and I leave the house at 6:45. therefore depending whether I showered the night before I have to fit in shower, breakfast, bunny feeding, curtain opening and getting my stuff together into 55 minutes. I've taken to using Champneys cleansing balm in the evenings and that is all I do. I sometimes use a miracle balm in the day on any dry patches

  2. I love the Garnier as well. It has been part of my daily routine for many months now.

  3. I've always wanted to try the Garnier rinse but they don't sell that in the U.S. Hopefully, it is on Amazon so I can order it.