2 Oct 2014

my week: the ingredients

For each weekly page spread, I try and make it a little more interesting by using other 'accessories' as you've probably seen each Sunday when I post my week :) Here are the 'ingredients' I use to jazz up my pages.

Stickers: from Hong Kong, Artbox and Paperchase.
For someone in their early twenties, I have a lot of stickers and I'm not embarrassed by this at all. I use these in my planner pages and also in my journal. I try and brain dump into my journal on a weekly basis as it gets rid of any thoughts that may be clogging my mind - so I can make way for more important things! Anyway, I digress. I've not bought any new stickers since my holiday to Hong Kong at Christmas - but to be fair, I have plenty anyway... 

Washi tape: mainly from Hong Kong and Paperchase.
Washi tape is something I'm a big fan of. Not only can it be used to brighten up planner pages that are too plain, it can also be used to make other things look pretty. For example, in the past, I've used them to make a pen pot and to decorate the spines of plain notebooks.

Sticky notes: from Artbox
Sticky notes are again something I try and use as often as possible in my planner. They help me highlight things without using a highlighter (as does thin washi tape) but they also come in handy for planning blog posts on. I do this by writing an outline of the post I want to write and then I can move that sticky note to another day if the post hasn't been written or I can keep it on that day if it has. For me, his makes blogging flexible and not a chore.

Pens: Muji, Pilot, Uniball, Zebra and Kuretake.
Finally, pens! Because the white Filofax paper isn't so great, I've really taken to the not-so-highly-pigmented Pilot Juice gel pens as they don't show-through and nor do they bleed. Again, the colours add a bit of interest to the pages and I like trying to use different handwriting styles when noting down something important.

All in all, these are the basic things you'll see in my weekly pages - in all honesty, I probably don't use every single thing each week as that would make for a very cramped week and would be overkill on the aesthetic front.


  1. As a 50+ year old, I think that stickers, washi, color ... is ageless. We like color!

  2. Love all them sticky notes :)


  3. yayy so many pretty things!! :)
    My boyfriend calls me miss stationery every time I take out my supplies..
    Love all your bits!! :)
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  4. Hey! I'm in my early twenties, I still love stickers and washi tape ;) I only have a few rolls cause they're expensiiiive for what they are... but they're very cute and definitely makes me a lot happier when I use them!

    xx becky // star violet

  5. After following your blog, I started using more washi tapes in my sketch book. They're amazing!

  6. Oh my goodness, everything's so adorable! I just started getting into stationery, but after looking at everything you have, I think I've fallen more in love with it. ;)

    Can I ask where in Hong Kong you purchased those adorable stickers? I want to try and buy those stickers the next time I visit my family in Hong Kong...

  7. your collection is so adorable, i wish i would have more stickers :D

  8. I will be using stickers and washi tape forever! Who cares if people think it's childish, life is too short to not be surrounded by cute things!