9 Oct 2014

new academic year: my stationery arsenal

A new school year, a new selection of stationery that I intend to put to good use. So far, I have selected the following items to accompany me during this first term.

From left to right: Kuretake Cocoiro Brush Tip pen, a selection of Pilot Juice 0.5mm gel pens, a selection of Muji 0.5mm gel pens and a Pilot 3-barreled Coleto.  
I am back to my usual pen arsenal but I've added two pens which I didn't use much of last academic year. The Kuretake Cocoiro Brush Tip pen is useful for drawing out diagrams (I used them last year to draw things out - for example, this micturation pathway... Apologies for the choice in diagram as an example; I just used a random one from my Instagram).

I'm honestly so in love with the Pilot Juice gels - I wish I had bought a few more of them whilst I was in Hong Kong now. They aren't the most pigmented of pens but I love how smoothly they write and I love how 'washed-out' the colour comes out. It's almost like using my Muji Erasables... Except these Pilot Juice pens aren't erasable.

Muji gel pens need no introduction (I've talked about them so much over the years - I've been using them for over seven years now and I have a feeling they will be a pen that will be with me for as long as they keep making them). Finally, the Pilot Coleto - I'm finding this multi-pen so useful in lectures because the colours mean that I can underline things to highlight. However, my one negative about this pen is how long each refill lasts for. Ink goes down too fast for my liking...

From left to right: Pantone A6 notebook, Muji B5 notebooks, two Leuchtturm 1917 A5 notebooks and an A6 Quo Vadis Habana notebook.
I have loads of notebooks. Maybe too many but you never know when you might next need one for whatever reason! For example, in the summer, I felt like making a journal of my Christmas holiday to Hong Kong and I found that having a huge choice of notebooks meant that I could pick the perfect one to remember that holiday by.

Anyway, I digress. This year, I've opted to use notebooks to write out the notes I will utilise for revision. These notebooks will be the Muji and Leuchtturm1917 ones. The A6 ones will be notebooks to slip into my pocket whilst on placement to note down things I need to look up when I get home/a moment. 

From top left, clockwise: Post-it page markers, Midori duck paperclips, Hopax page markers, Avery note tabs, Post-it page markers and Martha Stewart x Avery x Staples post-it notes.
Finally, other miscellaneous stationery. Page markers are an essential thing for me - I use it to bookmark pages in textbooks, section my own notes and write notes directly on them whilst sticking them to my own notes or some text in a book.

The duck paperclips are just a cute addition that I can't wait to clip everywhere and the post-it notes are an essential item to try and make the ridiculous amount of stuff I need to learn look manageable!

So these are the weapons I've chosen to accompany me this year. I'm sure they will prove useful and helpful :)


  1. Hi, how long normally the Muji gel ink will last?

    1. Hi, I've never tested this but mine seem to last ages if that helps x

  2. Ah, yesterday I bought these metallic gel pens from Target cause I thought about how awesome your planner looks with different colors! Brings back some good childhood memories too, when gel pens were all the rage :')

    xx becky // star violet