19 Oct 2014

my week #131

During this academic year, we do five or six week blocks of group work and then clinical attachments. This week marked the end of a block of group work and on Monday, I start my first clinical placement. I am a little scared but also very excited. There is nothing like putting into practice all the theory we have learnt over the past thirteen months!

On Wednesday, one of my friends and I went to see Gone Girl. Having read the book, the film wasn't as good for me as it was for him (he hadn't read the book) because I knew exactly what the next twist would be. The acting was pretty good and Rosamund Pike made a very convincing Amy Elliott Dunne!

How has your week been?


  1. I have been reading your blog in the last couple of weeks and absolutely love it! My sister is now a practicing doctor but I remember how excited she was when she had her first clinical placement too. Good luck with yours :-)

  2. Did you get your pages wet :'(

    I am replying to your email today xxxx

  3. I absolutely love your planner, I wish I could find one similar that wasn't uber expensive! I'm glad you enjoyed the movie, I find the same thing happens with the transition from movie to film, but it is definitely on my must-read/must-see list! Good luck with your placement, I'm sure you will do wonderfully, never not ask a question!