25 Nov 2012

my filofax week #32

I've spent the past week using my Filofax to track when I've taken my pain medication (for those who are actively seeking the times out, if two times seem really close together, it is because I am taking two different types of pain meds that don't interfere with each other and do not constitute an overdose so don't worry!) and also for other life admin.

I'm really taking the time off I have right now to try and get my life in order and actively think about my future. However, I need to also remember to take one day at a time - a sentiment echoed by the fact that I felt seriously low on Tuesday night when I spent the whole day planning my future, but just couldn't see it due to the immense pain I was feeling. A sure-sign that I need to slow down a bit and still take it easy.

Today, I am doing well though. I can walk up and down stairs virtually as normal (maybe a tiny bit slower than my usual bounding up and down them two-by-two) and the pain is literally gone. And, my wound is healing quite well. I was reading through some leaflets I was given at my pre-op assessment a few weeks back and it recommends a total recovery time of twelve weeks but at this rate, I should be right as rain in six (as I am already at the point of week 3 when it is only day nine so far!). 

Anyway, enough of that! Here is my week and apologies for it being quite boring looking!


  1. Those square stickers that you've written over the top of are really cute, can I ask where they are from please? Thanks! x

    1. If you mean the one on the right, with the red dashes - it's from Paperchase :) x

    2. Thanks! I have also discovered Washi tape...probably should not have bought some so close to Christmas! Whoops! x