19 Nov 2012

sticky notes for 'things expected'

You know those times where you order something from the internet, or you're expecting a letter, or you've returned something by post and are waiting for the refund? Well, I tend to lose track of these three things (amongst others!) and so, I made up my own way of tracking them.

All you need is:

- a sticky note
- a pen (which colour you choose is completely down to you!)

Et voila:

Now, the last thing you need to do is stick it on your 'today' marker and you're set. This allows you to see what you're expecting and whether or not it has arrived yet :) Apologies for the 'Boston Consulting Group' logo at the bottom - I got these stickies free from a careers fair (Jeez, I sound like such a leech!) and have yet to run out of them!


  1. Great idea! I had never given any thought to this before! My goodness could I have used this when I started my internet Christmas shopping. Suddenly I had a whole bunch of different packages heading my way and I just stopped keeping track of which ones were still outstanding until one night I started to panic. I pulled together all the different boxes, opened each one up and tried to remember what I had ordered. I *think* I've got it all.

    I'm adopting this ASAP! Thank you!!!

    1. Glad you find this idea useful :D I have that problem too - quite often, I am waiting for a parcel or two and these two months have proved super busy as I've ordered presents and if they aren't perfect for the person they are intended for, they get returned and a new present gets ordered! Imagine the confusion of waiting for refunds and parcel deliveries! x