28 Nov 2012

stationery addicts anonymous, meeting 2: Vanja

Another Stationery Addicts Anonymous Meeting, another addict to introduce :) This week, it is Vanja who blogs at Vanjilla. :) Enjoy!


Hello, my name is Vanja and I'm a stationery addict - and it's calming to be in Angela's SAA group! :)

It all began early, when I was 5 or 6 years old and my mum took me on our regular Saturday's shopping mornings to a small nearby town in Austria (you must understand those were the 80's and while there was just the plain office stuff in our shops, they already had huge counters of colourful, fruit - scented pencil erasers from Japan - dreamland for a kiddo)!

I got to pick one from time to time (if I didn't already get a Kinder Chocolate Egg or a Milka or something else that day - I was much more disicplined back then, hehe) - and it was a truly happy event. Most of those erasers were never used, they were just too pretty for that and most of them are still kept in a box at my parents' - OK, some of them were eaten later by my younger sister, but please let's don't get into that traumatic part of my addict history...

So, for your eyes only - a glimpse of my beloved sweet smelling pencil erasers - mind you, they're over 25 years old! :)

My next love have always been pens. Never enough of them, my only condition was blue ink in them. You can ask my colleagues about the tantrums I throw when my current pen disappears - but I sincerely feel there's no greater office punishment than writing with a bad (and don't even mention - ugly??!!) pen.

There, and while there is much to be addicted to in the stationery world, my worst addiction must be notebooks. Any shape or colour, any size, spiral, bound and stapled ones.

Not just because they can be so beautiful but because there's so much you can do with them!

I'm known for turning each and every notebook I use into a planner-journal-my own comments and life's observations-correspondence with colleagues-shopping lists-comic... kind of thing, which is sometimes real fun to read (and sometimes a great horror of mine, when I lend it to someone and only later think of all that is to be found in there!).

I probably already have enough notebooks in my stash to last me for this (and the next) lifetime, but I add regularly; with all this digital thing going on, you just never know. :)

Angela, thank you so much for hosting me on your chic site again... and for infecting me even further with your posts (I honestly hope your next one won't be about Prada handbags...)... oh, and yes... and don't even think of taking my thing for stationery away, OK??   :)


I love those pencil erasers!! I really want some now hehe. And the pens, whoa, all so pretty and so many different types, and those notebooks! The green tea one looks so cute too! Thanks for being this week's addict, Vanja :) Hope that this addiction long continues as I would never take this stationery addiction away from anyone (as I too, am infected hehe).

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