29 Nov 2012

passing on the Filofax/stationery obsession!

As some of you may know, I recently won a Filofax Cuban through the weekly Twitter competitions. I decided to gift it to my mum as it was her birthday earlier this month and also because I am quite content with the three I currently use. She ended up loving it and grinning like a Cheshire cat, which makes me very happy :)

Here are a few pictures of the Cuban and its features.

First up, the front. It is a lovely darkish red (a real chilli colour and as described) but in this picture, it looks bright as the sunlight has caught it.

The inside pocket and card slots:

The back zipped pouch. Useful for holding all receipts where a credit card was used as payment (my mum keeps all of her receipts so that when the credit card bill arrives, she can check off if the payment was correct or not).

My mum has organised it as follows:

- She has also used the A-Z tabs and has transferred all of her addresses into the Filofax (instead of using a separate address book!)

- a 2013 diary - in the middle and after the addresses section for ease of writing when it comes to writing on paper to the left of the rings (I had so much fun helping my mum set up her Filofax for optimum use and this was just one of the tips I gave her!).

- And finally, the use of Note Pages where she has noted some important info that she accesses on a regular basis or may need to access at some stage in the future when out and about.

Honestly, I think the Cuban is a beautiful Filofax. The leather is so soft and supple, but still sturdy. The colour is neither overly masculine, nor feminine. If the Slimline Deco and the Osterley model didn't exist, I'm pretty sure I'd be using this Filofax as my own.

The best bit about the Cuban? My mum found a pen that matches it very well. It's just a bog-standard Parker biro pen but having had this pen for years, it seems that it was made for her to receive this Filofax and use the biro in conjunction with it. I'm really glad she loves it (she was grinning ear to ear when I gave it to her) and am sure she will get plenty of use out of it (just like I, and all of you guys have).


  1. What twitter competition? I like the cuban, just not the fact it doesn't really lie flat. What a wonderful gift for you mum.

    1. Every Wednesday, Filofax do a competition on Twitter where you can win a Filofax :) They have a different model up for grabs each week. I think it is until Christmas though? x

    2. Do you have to be the FIRST to answer? Is it open internationally?

    3. Nope. It seems to be entirely random as when I won this Cuban, I wasn't the first to answer x

  2. WOW I've never see anyone use a non-zipped personal cuban. I thought I was the only one. I have a black one. The only thing I don't like is the card slots cuz they are a bit stiff. I love the cover such great leather.