28 Sept 2012

my martha stewart x avery x staples drawer organisation

I acquired some Martha Stewart for Avery at Staples stuff a few months ago and only got round to blogging about it last month. I never revealed how I used the StackFit drawer that I bought, but that was because I hadn't sorted it out yet! After a declutter, it is now organised and in full use. 

Here it is:

Currently at the top is a credit card statement - I had to pixelate out most of it due to it being sensitive information! This is a perfect example of how I use, what I have dubbed, the 'in-tray'. Stuff that needs to be sorted, filed away somewhere else or utilised soon are put here for ease of access. This involves letters, statements like the above and other things (such as my graduation ticket!).

And now, a picture of the drawer:

At the top left are some craft stuff - flowers and birds that have a pattern to them, next to that at the top is a Laduree macarons box which I have used to hold paperclips, drawing pins, a rubber, a stamp and key covers. Next to that on the right are some spare Filofax notepaper. Most of this pile has been paper that was cut down to size by yours truly.

At the bottom left are some Rilakkuma stamps and bottom middle are more drawing pins.

Finally, there is a comb, some sticky notes, a glasses wipe and another rubber.

The red bit you see is a shoe-box lid. I used that as a separator.

Though not the most interesting arrangement, the key features for me are as follows:

- a shoebox lid - make use of recycling! 
- compartmentalise - I used a Paperchase box (top left) and an old macarons presentation box; but you can use literally anything here.
- arrangement: make it look like it is pretty and you will want to open this drawer over and over again. I am still trying to find a way to make it pretty and functional but that might take me a while...

So, have I tempted you into getting a StackFit drawer too? ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing how you're using the Stack + Fit so far. I also reuse presentation and gift boxes to corral my little office supplies. I have a six-drawer storage unit from IKEA and instead of buying drawer organizers, I managed to get away with just using boxes from things I purchased previously (like Filofax boxes!).

    I was contemplating getting this drawer with tray, but now that I have two kittens, I can't use an in-tray anymore. (They love to knock things down, shred paper, chew on things, &c., plus I'm very allergic, so I have to make sure everything is "put away" so as to not catch dander.) I do love the robin's egg shagreen, though. I may eventually buy a few of the lidded boxes.

    1. No problem! I'm thinking of changing how the StackFit drawer is organised at the moment but it is working for me so changing it so soon seems a bit unnecessary? Oh I know what you mean about the boxes! I used to put spare inserts in them but I have too many of those pesky tabs and lined paper so at the moment, I'm not really using the boxes?

      I've seen the lidded boxes in person and they do look quite practical too! x

  2. I really really want one of those, but in the nice green colour you have (which they call blue oddly). But Staples online only has it in white and brown and so does my local (75 miles away) store. I don't understand why they'd be selling that one in the UK and not in the US. You've made it look lovely and organised and now I want it more than ever :-(


    1. Whoa, that is annoying :( Considering Martha Stewart is more of a household name in the US than the UK too! Hopefully, you can track one down :) x

  3. Hi! I'm so glad I came across your blog.
    I'm torn between the Personal and A5 Filofax. Do you have a suggest for an indecisive person who would use it for family/household/personal organization? I love the Sketch line but in the A5 they only have maroon and chocolate and they are on sale, so I'm thinking that they are discontinuing that size line???
    I would love to get your suggestion when you have a moment.
    Karin (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

    1. Hi there!

      Because you'll have so many sections in it, I would recommend an A5 (bigger rings and a larger paper size) but this will mean you'll be compromising on portability. It depends on what you NEED in the organiser and whether or not you'll want to take it everywhere with you. If you need a lot in it, but think you won't need everything (as in, if the stuff you put in it will be stuff you'll utilise most at home), then maybe consider using two organisers? One personal/compact/slimline and one A5? At the end of the day, it depends on your needs, whether or not the weight of it will matter to you and what works best for you personally. Unfortunately, a lot of it is trial and error to begin with!

      Sorry I'm not much help.

      Angela x

    2. Thanks so much for your insight! I think I may go with both a Personal (for my needs and day-to-day stuff) and A5 (for the whole household, etc).
      I look forward to following your blog.