27 Aug 2010

filofax rotation?

I got asked by my sister today why I keep changing which Filo I have in use.

Well, I couldn't quite answer it without my obsession coming out into the open so I eventually confessed to a *slight* obsession...

After all, we change the type of clothes we wear when autumn/spring nears, don't we? When autumn commences, we don a lightweight mac for those blustery days where it's too cold not to wear another layer but not quite cold enough to wear a full outer layer. And when winter comes, we often opt for trousers over skirts (more the females than the males here) and closed shoes rather than open toe pumps or sandals, don't we? Well, that is what I do with my Filofaxes.

When autumn comes, the Teal is much too bright, so I will probably keep it as my home Filo, but will instead opt for the Vintage Rose or the Jade Green as that seems much more autumnal, right? And then when winter comes, I may or may not choose to once again change (depends on my exam schedule... if I have an exam straight after Christmas holidays, I will most probably change Filos, purely for procrastination purposes!). 

So, I'll ask you all, if you own more than one Filo, how do you choose which one to use? And why? Do seasons have an effect on your Filo changing schedule? Or is it just because you are bored of your current colour/design?


  1. I confess I tend to change them out mostly based on what handbag I am carrying. Not to be matchy-matchy necessarily, but at least to complement it.

    Other than that its based on mood...and I suppose season does play a role in that...I tend toward brighter colors (Citrus Piazza or Raspberry Finsbury) in summer, browns or blacks for fall/winter.

    Now that I have my black personal Malden however, I don't think I will be changing out of that for a good long while ; )

  2. Yes, I change based on seasons (originally: autumn - brown classic; winter - black Kendal; spring - jade finchley; summer - blue finsbury). However, since receiving my black guildford, I've stayed with that. And I will be buying the black malden when it arrives in the US and, like Yv, probably won't switch out of that for a while.

  3. Glad to see I'm not the only one with this obession with changing them when seasons change!

    I actually gave my Finsbury personal raspberry to my mum to use as a phonebook/passbook so does that give me an excuse to buy a new one purely or the winter season? ;) Shame I have a shopping ban to stick to :(

    Quite jealous that both of you will have Maldens to last you through the winter!!! I REALLY (can't emphasise this enough) like the crimson colour and am so so so tempted to order it!! But can't :(