30 Aug 2010

what's in my bag #3

So, I went shopping for some more uni supplies I'd need in my second year and this is what I took with me and why:

This was what was in my bag from my trip a few days ago :)

A purse - money obviouslyyyyy

FCUK Cool Down spray cos it was so darn hot that day (what is with the British weather?! Last week it was so hot, now it's pouring with rain!)

iPod and phone - former for entertainment on the journey, latter for communication

Paracetamol - in case!

Vaseline - dry and chapped lips are never a good look.

Eye drops, plasters, medical tape - Eye drops cos I wear contact lenses; plasters in case I cut myself somewhere, somehow; and medical tape for my feet as all my shoes make my feet blister otherwise (oh the things we women do for fashion).

Tissues - goes without saying?

Natural cola cubes - I can't get enough of them clearly...

I just took my normal high street River Island bag with me... by no means my favourite bag nor my least favourite but it does the job and is big enough for everything!

Oh and I forgot to mention the Filo ;) I did it on purpose. In it, I had lists of things I needed for my second year at uni (as some things I threw away after first year, no longer usable, etc.) and needed something trusty to hold the lists and was also durable enough to be bashed around in my bag. Enter, the Finchley Personal. Ahhhh, I'm in love.

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