16 Aug 2010

why is one Filofax not enough for me??

That is the question I've been asking myself... And I am going to try and answer it briefly in this post!

You see, I, like many others I suspect, started off using one Filofax but then found it was getting too bulky to carry around with me everyday, wherever, whenever. It weighed more than the rest of the contents in my handbag put together (and if you have seen my 'what's in my bag' posts, you'll see how much stuff I really do lug around!). So, I went and purchased a second Filofax - my Finchley Vintage Rose. This became my new favourite and had transformed into my everyday portable Filo. It had my diary, notes, to do lists, personal pictures, etc. in it, but then I found it had also grown in size. Although the Filo itself was lighter than my previous one (a Finsbury Raspberry), I ended up carrying a lot more in it than I did in the Finsbury.

So then I found myself ordering two more Filos - two Finchleys in colours which have since been phased out in the UK - the Teal and the Jade Green. One of which I will be transforming into a 'home' Filo with addresses, telephone numbers, recipes amongst other things that can stay at home with my Vintage Rose being my everyday Filo once again carrying my week on two pages diary and some spare note paper in case I needed to jot something random down. This still left two Filofaxes - a Finchley and a Finsbury.

Because the Finchley lies flat (comes in many appealing colours, supple leather, need I go on?), I have decided to make it into my 'inspiration' Filo. It will become the place where magazine cuttings go, where inspirational quotes will go and anything else which is motivating will go.

Finally, this just leaves me with my Finsbury. For the time being, this holds my 2009 diary and some other note paper sheets which have been used and no longer needed.

Even though it seems that I have my system of four Filos sorted, I think I can safely say that this is only temporary. I am predicting another major overhaul in six months time when I decide I want a certain colour to be my 'main 'fax' for the time being, or for whatever other reason. After all, we change the types of shoes we wear by the season, right? It's just right for me to change Filos when autumn/winter comes!


  1. I like your analogy btwn Filos and shoes! I'm going to keep that in mind as I contemplate whether or not I ought to purchase another Filo this year. I've been using Filos for many years, but I have a tendency to winnow my belongings, so I currently only have 2 true binders. (1 ancient Topaz, my main Filo now, and a slimline Metropol, which I used for several years.) I have plastic binders from Muji for storage/archiving, but that's it.

    I'm starting to feel as if I'm wearing heavy winter boots all year round.

  2. Well, I needed an excuse to have four filos and also to buy some more if necessary and if the weather changes...

    Ooh, I'm kinda taken by the slimline. I'm thinking of buying one with the money I save buy not shopping this year on the 1st of August 2011 (a long way to go yet!). I quite like the slimline Amazona but am not sure if I can justify the cost :(

  3. Gorgeous Filofaxes!! It's a shame these Finchley colors are discontinued, I love the Rose and especially the Jade Green.

    I agree, Filofaxes are addictive and it's rare to have only one! :)