25 Aug 2010

The Piazza Personified

Following on from last week's post about the Deco as a person, this week sees the Piazza's turn.

I know the Piazza is no longer sold in the Personal size on Filofax UK but personifying the Piazza actually gave me the idea for this feature!

As far as I know, the Piazza comes in a range of colours from the green shown above, to a red, to the bog standard black, lilac, yellow, pink, blue... I might have missed some from that list, or I may have even made a few up! But either way, the point is that it comes in a wide range of bright colours.
Anyway, to me, the Piazza sounds Italian so for me, the person would be Italian or from a Mediterranean country of maybe even Spain. But either way, they'd be tanned. They could be male or female, but for the purpose of this, I will call it a he and the Piazza will be a man.

He would be someone who had an idea of what fun is - a bit of a daredevil if I may say so. He would whizz around the city in a Vespa and he would look good in a helmet while riding it around the city. The girls would swoon at his feet and the guys all want to be his friend, or even be him. Sound like a teenage movie? Yeah, thought so too, but what can I do; this is how I imagined the Piazza!

With regards to his wardrobe; he owns t shirts in a variety of colours and he also owns quite a few striped polo shirts with an alternating colour pattern - some of which have clashing stripe colours - yet he would look good regardless of what he wore. He would rarely carry accessories around with him as his main accessory is his attitude and confidence. People love being around him and everyone likes him.
Although, he sounds like a playboy, he is anything but. He treats others with respect and he is reliable, and although he seems to only live life for the purpose of having fun, he has a serious side as well.

Next week: Beneath The Surface Of The Eton


  1. This is hilarious--and I totally see it.

  2. Love this. With both posts personifying Filos, I try to picture a celebrity that would fit the bill. For this one, the first one that came to mind was George Clooney, even though he's American. He does have a villa in Italy, which is why he came to mind.

  3. Haha, if George Clooney were this filofax, I'd have bought it in a shot ;)

  4. And I would have to fight you for it. ;)