2 Aug 2010

what's in my bag #1

31st of July 2010

I went to London that day to visit some friends and this is what I had brought with me. The Cath Kidston bag is necessary as I like to carry the kitchen sink along with me wherever I go (for those 'just in case' situations - which never arise until you don't bring that thing you needed with you!).


  1. Hello, paper rush. I hopped here from the Philofaxy comments. Just wanted to say that I really like your blog. I love how you've personalized your Filofax to fit your needs and I love your no-shopping challenge.

    I also agree about the just-in-case dead weight in a bag: you only need the items when you don't carry them with you, guaranteed.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment about the blog :) My no shopping challenge is more for the benefit of my bank account and wardrobe than anything haha and having a Filo makes it easier to remind myself NOT to shop with a post it note stuck to the 'today' ruler which means I'll always see it.