18 Aug 2010

if this filofax were to be a person...

So this is the new feature. I've not seen it on any other blogs or anything so this is, what I would call, an original idea of my own. The basis of this feature involves, well, Filofaxes and partly, humans.

Basically, it's a chance for me to ask the question: "If the Filofax x were to be a person, how would you imagine it to be?" Insert a Filo model where the x is. Each week, I will be tackling a new model of Filofax with the person I've imagined it to be in real life and I'll even post if I think I could be 'friends' with it according to the traits I've given it. Of course, this isn't limited to just me; feel free to post your own via your own blog or through comments to this post and other ones in this series.

Now, I'm only going to be sticking to the more modern models as the vintage ones don't leave much for imagination with it's lack of variety in terms of colours (don't get me wrong, the vintage models are to die for, but just not practical for me to post about!).

One last disclaimer before my imagination starts giving a persona to a Filofax model: if you have one of these models, please don't think I'm judging you as a person, I'm not. This is just a light hearted exercise and no harm is intended and least of all, a Filofax with the imagined characteristics does not necessarily reflect the owner, unlike what people say about dogs and their owners (not sure I buy into that concept myself though).

Ok, so first up this week will be the Deco. For the benefit of this series, let's keep the sizes uniform and as a Personal.

Now, being a high priced and premium model, I envisage this model to be a female in real life. She would carry a Mulberry Bayswater handbag as she would have a taste for classic items.

However, the Deco has a slightly twist on it with the unusual clasp detail so I would also hazard a guess at having a taste for the different in terms of detail as the Deco is pretty much classic in design but with a slight flash of wanting to be individual. I think she would channel this by either wearing Louboutins with the flash of red in the soles, but also, note the peep toe detail.

She would be a classic dresser but would maybe wear something that stands out a little by the way of a necklace or a statement bracelet. She has a taste for finer things and would probably reside in Notting Hill or Chelsea in London.
Next week: The Piazza personified!

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