11 Aug 2010

New Feature: What If Wednesday

From every Wednesday onwards (or maybe fortnightly, depending on how easily ideas come to me), I'll be doing a 'What If' Wednesday, just for fun of course. It's always fun to answer 'what if' situations...well, it is in my head! Feel free to also post how you'd deal with the week's situation!

This week's is: What would you do if you won the lottery?  
We could actually elaborate on this by: how would you spend the money? Would you share it? Spend it all? Save most of it? The answers you give may also give us a glimpse into the sort of person you are too ;)

Personally, I would probably stick half of it in the bank so I can live off the interest for the rest of my life! Then with the other half: buy a new house for my parents as my sister is also fleeing the nest this autumn (or fall, for you American readers :) ) so they don't need such a big house as this one, and with the rest, give to my sister so she can fund her degree without the need for loans, buy myself a flat in central London so no need to rent while at uni (one can only wish) and then split the remainder of that to give to my Aunts and Uncles who I am closest to.

I know I shouldn't have favourite Aunts and Uncles, but I do. Everytime I go back to Hong Kong to see my family, I can tell who really cares and who doesn't. Not to mention the fact some of my family back in HK could really do with some financial help and I would be happy to help with that, if only I had the darned winning lottery numbers ;)

So that's what I'd do. Let's not put a number on how much you'd have scooped by winning the lottery, after all, this is a what if situation. So what would you do? Feel free to share yours :)

NOTE: Also, this is not a scheduled post, so even if I am using the slowest computer ever, I am still posting!


  1. I love a what if..
    I would try not to tell anyone and not go large with it all but live off the interest and go to the library all day or a museum or the gym or whatever I wanted to do. But I would get a cleaner!

    I'd also get more inserts for my filofax!!

  2. My first instinct is to say "buy all the Filofax binders and inserts I want."

    I may buy one or two; however, I'd use the money for more realistic (family) things and donate some of it.

  3. i know it is friday but i am oddly enough in alabama!

    if i won the lottery i would pay off my family's debt and buy them a house. then there would be the college funds for my nephews and large donations to the charities i believe in. i would also create a scholarship in my fiancée's name who died in jan. i would spend a lot of my time just doing the things we had planned to do.

    i would collect old leather goods and vintage filofax items, travel, and spend my life volunteering and earning degrees.

    also paperrush i scheduled time to sit down with your courseworks posts while i am flying on monday! but i dont know if i can wait that long!