24 Aug 2010

Inspiration Filofax

I decided to turn my Finchley Vintage Rose into an 'inspiration' filo. It's always open on the little table next to my full length mirror which is next to my wardrobe - but the reason for this will become clear. The inspiration filo mainly contains things that are clothes and fashion related and include cuttings from magazines of well dressed models/celebrities/strangers. This allows me to have a quick flick through while getting dressed if I feel uninspired or bored of my wardrobe. It helps me see ways of wearing a dress or top a bit differently, for instance, I could wear a top over a dress with a belt, or whatever else.

Also, I found that during the making of this inspiration filo, I didn't need to use any spare paper; all I had to use were old inserts which were blank. I purchased a filo which had an 2010 diary in, but seeing as I already have one, I saw little need to have another. This meant minimal wastage of precious inserts!

Anyway, this filo is best explained with pictures, so here they are (there are about ten pictures so sit tight).

A list of designers who I made separate pages for.
One of the designer pages.

More designer pages.

Theme: Safari/beige/nude colours. You can also see the insert I used for this!

Photography from some clothes labels from Urban Outfitters. I love the vintage feel to it. However, I dislike the fact they rip the labels when you purchase something instore!

From the Mango lookbook. I think it was 2008? Gives inspiration for how to wear the same item in different ways.

From the Mina lookbook, 2008 again I think or 2009. Can't remember. I love the model's hair in this series.

High street on the left, shoe inspiration on the right.


  1. I love this idea, love how you used old inserts and pasted in pictures and information. I'm now trying to think of a way to use one of my empty Filos for a collection of ideas for something. Hopefully I'll find one...

  2. Another idea I had at the time was to make a 'Me' Filo where everything you wrote/did/whatever else in it was related to you somehow. Self centred, but then that's human nature, right? :p

  3. Wow this is such a great idea!