12 Sept 2012

goodies from moo-t; cable tidy, page markers & memo notes!

Tidying my room (back in late August), I realised just how useful some cable ties could be. I have cables for my Kindle, my iPod, my phone, my camera charger, my external hard drive and this list just never seems to end! Having seen some Rilakkuma ones somewhere, I was on the hunt for a retailer that sold them at a reasonable price. And I found one! Moo-t. Before you think this is a sponsored post, it's not. I'd never heard of this site before but Google search threw the site up when I was looking for these said cable ties.

And here they are:

I don't tend to read product descriptions (my bad, I know!) so I didn't realise they came in packs of two! I ended up ordering 3 of each type, so ended up with 18 altogether. At least I know my cables will be tidy, right?

Now, the next challenge was to get my spend up to £20 to get the free postage.

Then I saw these cute memo notepads. It comes in a box (this next picture is of a really poor quality, apologies!):

But more on those memo pads later...

And then I added these to my basket: some Rilakkuma page markers - aren't they adorable?

And to my surprise, when the order arrived, Moo-t kindly added these two pens to my order:

Honestly, I think they may be my new favourite online store to peruse when bored...

The Moo-t business card.
Now, another look at the memo notes:

Personally, I think they are too cute to use! They don't seem very practical as the whole memo note consists of a cute face so I think the aim is to write all over it - something I can't bear to do! I have no idea if these will come in handy for me at all because of how cute I think they are, but who knows! :)

And I wrote on one with the pens that were added into my order. I love the pens! Not only because they are Rilakkuma ones but because they write well. They are black gel pens and honestly, if I needed stationery, I would probably order these. Here is how they look on a memo pad...

Honestly, I never thought any site would replace Artbox as my favourite cute stationery retailer but Moo-t is definitely giving it a run for its money. Delivery was quick - dispatched on Saturday, received on Wednesday (it was a bank holiday on Monday) and I found a discount code online too which made it doubly worth it. And the best part? These products have lived up to my expectations once they were in my hands :)

Please note: I bought these back in late August so the discount code I used may no longer be valid (in case you were wondering :) )

Also, one of the cable ties I received was faulty and when I told them, they gave me a refund for it. And then, a few days later, I received another package from them apologising for the faulty item and in this package, they had included the cutest keyring ever, and an ear cap! Honestly, I wasn't expecting this, nor did I think this was necessary but if anything, this just proves how great the service is. Please take a visit to their site as I'm sure that, if you're like and like cute items, there will definitely be something that takes your fancy!


  1. You have made me put things in my basket, I am going to leave them there until end of day to decide if I "need" them, or if I can wait until I have more money :p hehe xx

    1. Hehe, sorry! They might have a discount code knocking about on their Facebook page (that's where I found mine) but I'm not sure if it is still valid xxx

    2. I found the discount code on Money Savings Expert but it went out of date on 2 September, I dont need it nor have the money this month so made the decision against it! xxx

    3. Hi Imy,
      You can sign up to our newsletter on our website (or facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/MooT.stationery) to stay up to date on our latest products and promotions. We're so happy with all the comments and feebdack!
      Love, Moo-T

  2. Oh dear, I keep discovering new stationery websites from reading blogs! xD This shop is amazing - love the page markers!

    1. I'm sorry haha! I love how it's free shipping over £20 - much more reasonable than £75 or whatever that other stores have. They have new stuff coming in soon too apparently x

  3. Wow, these items are so kawaii, my teeth hurt! The cable ties are especially hilarious. I often use the plastic-covered wire twist-ties that come with the corded items, but they're easy to lose track of. The face notepads are quite adorable. I know what you mean about having a hard time writing on the faces, but it's better than just letting them sit around, unused. I stockpiled a lot of "too cute to use" things when I was in high school and have recently been using it all up, which is quite satisfying! So, on the one hand I was hauling around two cardboard boxes of stationery and stickers for, like, 10 years, which is ridiculous. On the other hand, it's like my high school self keeps giving little cute gifts to my adult self, which is awesome.

    1. Hehe, I didn't have any of the plastic covered wire ties so I bought these. Anything cute that is also functional is a good thing in my book! I'm trying really hard to use all my stationery at the moment. In the past, I hated using something cute and then for it to run out and for me to never find it again but I'm more open minded now in that I can always find something else that is cute once I've used something up ;) x