24 Sept 2012

more homemade inserts

Having seen other people make their own inserts, I wanted to try this myself. I wanted inserts where I could plan my meals every week and also my outfits for the week but I didn't want to use normal plain paper I felt that it wasn't sturdy enough. This is because I was planning on using an erasable pen so that the inserts could be microwaved each week/fortnight and then used again, and again, and again (idea of microwaving from Ray at My Life All in One Place).

My dilemma then was to seek out some card that was thick enough but not too thick. My solution? Well, when you get a new pack of paper inserts for your Filofax, it normally comes with a thin sheet of card doesn't it? Like these:

I personally prefer to use the 'Plain Cotton Cream' pieces of cardboard (as they don't need a slight trim to cut them down to size). Next, I holepunch them and stick them together, with the blank sides facing outwards and so it ends up like this:

I then hopped onto Photoshop and made my own inserts and this was the end result:

I'm still trying to figure out why they printed out wonky. Maybe it's my printer? That's what I think, personally? And the design wasn't perfect so the text came out pixelated. I think that next time, I will be sticking to more traditional fonts and crossing my fingers to ensure that they aren't as wonky.

All in all, it was a fun process and I think I will be making more of my inserts in the future, especially ones with cuter designs and more feminine colours!


  1. That's a really good idea - I may have to use that to set up a timetable of my weekly stuff in such a way that I can change it (which will happen on a very regular basis until I manage to find a routine that works for me). ;o)

    1. Hehe, the fact that it's card makes it ideal for something like that! x