4 Sept 2012

august review

August was a weird month for me. It feels like it flew by and yet it feels like I haven't actually got much done? But then when I back through this month's pages in my Filofax, I did actually do quite a bit.

So here is the (not so interesting) review:

1) My Filofax.

I did a lot of stuff that needed to be recorded or things that required me to remind myself of what had to be done and when.

2) A Craft Knife (Albeit a crap one!)

I ventured into making my own Filofax inserts and well, I'm actually quite happy with my efforts. Because I don't possess a guillotine, I had to resort to this craft knife and the results were not bad at all. In fact, I think the only future paper purchases I will make from Filofax will be diary ones - but then again, possibly not because of Ray and Steve's inserts.

Even though cutting each sheet of paper by hand is time-consuming, I found it somewhat therapeutic. I managed to measure and cut out 100 sheets in one hour so all in all, not too bad. 

3) eBay

I sold a lot on eBay this month and there is still more for me to sell. Clothes I don't wear anymore, clothes that don't fit anymore and stuff like that. No Filofax organisers listed yet though but it will be inevitable! 

4) My Pinboard

This has my weekly timetable on, potential designs for a new blog layout, potential designs for Filofax inserts as well other important things such as appointment letters. At the top is where I house my hair bobbles (so I don't lose them!), at the side are hair grips. 

5) Family and Friends (Including you guys on Twitter!)

As some of you may already know, August was a mixed month, emotionally, for me. I'm grateful for my family and offline friends for being there for me; but also my Twitter friends. Seriously. I'm so grateful! I had a period of feeling down (lasted about 24 hours?!) and then I was a lot better and you tweeps definitely helped.

I don't have a picture here, but if I could, I would use it to show how eternally grateful I am. I tried taking a picture of my widest smile (not the most attractive), I tried taking a picture of my arms measuring how much I value you all (camera lens not wide enough - I have gorilla arms!) and I also tried Photoshopping something. None of this would've been enough though!

So, how was your August?


  1. I would love to see the Inserts you have created :) If you get a chance :D

    <3 xxxxx

    1. Will have to do a post on it at some point and then upload the files too if anyone wants them. They are quite girly though! :) I am still in the process of tweaking some of them so that they are perfect for use hehe but I gave some to a friend last night and will see what she makes of them before tweaking! xxx

  2. Aww thank you! And yes, it certainly did! Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing hehe x

  3. Aw... Angela... I am so sorry to hear you've had tough times. Sister Julian of Norwich wrote some beautiful reflective pieces, which I find so comforting to read. When I am low, I think of her sayings and the thought that "This too shall pass" often comforts me very much. xxxxx

    1. Thank you for such a kind comment! Keeping positive and being surrounded by positive things really do help and your quote is so right. Everything will eventually blow over (as morbid as it sounds...!) and all we can do is move on :) x

  4. Often the best things are the simple ones, a Filofax, a basic pinboard -- and friends and family, of course. Glad your low moment didn't last very long.

    1. Exactly :) I think as long as I had my family, friends and Filofax, I'd be very happy hehe x