2 Sept 2012

your filofax week #20

This week, I'm featuring @tomtenissa's week. You can visit her blog to read more about her Filofax collection (I particularly like the post about the Compact Botanic Filofax that she has - the colour is so pretty!). Here is what she had to say about her week:

"I'm sorry about all the cut out parts - it's mainly names and I wish to protect their identities. ^_^

This week is "the week before the fall semester starts/registration week" so it's a bit messy. The church choir started on Monday and the "just for fun" choir started on Wednesday.

I've started experimenting with marking dots - I think I will be putting them at the top of each day (like on Sunday) as that will be the least messy option. For example I'll put a green dot on every day I have lectures and seminars, so I'll know how to plan my week.

I hope you all have better weather than we do. I'm at the family's country house and the rain has been pouring down for two days now."

Don't you just love how filled each day is? I love the use of dots - it's a very good idea and I wish I had seen this before I started uni so I could have had three years to implement this idea! 

Thank you so much, Susanna, for sending in your week and I hope your weekend weather improved and that you had a brilliant weekend :) 

What is your favourite part about Susanna's week? I love peeking into other people's Filofaxes and just have a nosy to see how they organise things and this was no exception! 

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