17 Mar 2013

my week #48

I am only four weeks away from my 'my week' one year anniversary. I can't believe I have managed to keep this up for a year, and I also can't believe how many people are taking part in it too! It's great to see how others use their diaries and how different each planner is.

I apologise for my fairly bland pages this week. They are also messier than usual!

This week, I have two big pieces of news. I received an offer for a medicine course over a month ago and finally 'firmed' it on UCAS. Here in the UK, UCAS is the system we use to apply for further education courses and so this was a big thing for me - as firming my first choice meant 'withdrawing' from my other three (as they had yet to reply). One of my choices I was withdrawing from was also another 4-year graduate-entry medicine course but with it being so far away from home, it was unlikely that I would choose it over my first choice even though I do receive financial help from the Student Loans Company.

Secondly, I attended my first Philofaxy meet-up yesterday. I will be talking more about this tomorrow so stay tuned!

How has your week been?


  1. Looking forward to hearing about the meet up! I love reading about those on other blogs. They sound like so much fun. I'd love to attend one in my area or have a private jet plane to take me overseas so I can attend one in the UK or wherever!

    1. Hehe, the post will go live tomorrow :-) It was a brilliant day and I would definitely recommend going to one if you could. And if you obtain a private jet plane, I'd quite like to visit America one day if you're willing to lend me the plane for a day or two... ;) x