18 Mar 2013

{ 16th march 2013 } my first philofaxy meet up

I popped my Philofaxy meet-up cherry on Saturday and boy, was it worth it. The itinerary for the day was that we would all meet at Vapiano, a restaurant near Oxford Circus and then head off to various stores selling stationery. Now, I'm quite shy when meeting new people and Saturday was no exception but surprisingly, as soon as I jumped on the train heading for London (only a 30 minute journey so quite a short one), all nerves were gone. And when I approached the crowd outside Vapiano, it felt more like meeting old friends rather than meeting strangers!

I've got the Philofaxy business cards... now I just need friends to give them out to ; )

The best bit about the day was putting faces to names. I'm quite active on Twitter (read: addicted) and so I knew the faces of some already but meeting them in person is completely different. I didn't get to talk to everyone but I think I at least spoke to the majority and everyone was lovely.

Imy (she's just as lovely in person as she is in her videos, blog and on Twitter!) very kindly gave me some Filofax purple ruled notepaper (I love that stuff!) and also threw in some Paperchase diary stickers and these Daytimer Hot Lists:

A photo to show the real size of these Day Timer Hot Lists - next to a 'personal' sized
Kate Spade ruler.

But the best part? I got not one, but two Imy's World stickers! The other one is stuck in my diary - ready for you to see on Sunday when I post my week.

An Imy's World sticker: how jealous are you?! : )

I made the mistake of saying yes to adding extra chilli to my bolognase, so urm, I ended up with a burning mouth for about ten minutes which kept me quiet for a bit! However, once that calmed down, you couldn't stop me from talking (just ask Lorena!).

Such a small world it is that I ended up bumping into a friend from uni at Vapiano! She was actually a fresher on my corridor last year when I was a hall senior and so, it was lovely to catch up with someone who I saw on a daily basis last year.

Anyway, after filling our little bellies, we headed to the Filofax store on Conduit Street. Prior to the meet-up, we were told that only eight of us would be allowed in at any one time but as it turns out, when we arrived, the shop was empty! We disregarded the 'eight at one time' rule and we all piled in.

Once we were all done and dusted in Filofax, we walked over to Mulberry. Imy was so eager to get there, she power-walked ahead but only to be called back by others who were left behind ; ) There was disappointment in Mulberry, however, with both service and stock to blame. Imy will say more on this on her blog about that!

Final stop - Artbox! Predictably, I couldn't resist and came away with the following:

I bought these sticker sheets (some of which, I bought several of).

And these bad boys. I have used these before and wasn't impressed by the stickyness of them, so here's hoping that these are of a higher quality (they certainly look higher quality than the ones they have previously sold).

Overall, it was a brilliant day and I couldn't recommend the experience enough. I don't think many of my friends understand the obsession with stationery, Filofax, binders, etc (though they accept it!) and to meet others who you share this interest with is fantastic.

I was sat on a table with Imy, Tracey, Lindsay, Lorena and Paula and I have to say, I have to thank Lindsay as I'm pretty sure she helped dissipate the heat of the chilli from my lunch with her jokes and infectious laughter! It really did feel like talking to old friends and to talk to them in person revealed more in common than first thought : )

Thank you, Steve, for organising this meet-up. I feel privileged to have finally met The King ; ) It was equally lovely to meet everyone over a tasty lunch (I'm not saying yes to extra chilli next time) and a stroll through the streets of Central London. 


  1. You were laughing at me? That´s outrageous!!! Lol :o) It was great to meet you, and I´m looking forward to the next meet up that I can make it to :-)

    1. Definitely wasn't laughing at you!! You're just a very funny person :-) loved your sense of humour hehe. I never got to stroke your Winchester I think it was (though I couldn't stop ogling it) so maybe next time ;) It was lovely to meet you! X

    2. It´s cos I´m a bit special :-D You´ll have to remind me to bring it for the next meet up :-)

  2. I was there!!!! I touched your Filofax :) I feel special!!!!

    You ARE AMAZING!!!! I feel very lucky and privileged to of met you!!!!!!

    You are just so lovely! Sorry I was so shy!!! <3 xxxx

    1. Hehe, I touched yours too ;) Ahh, I feel privileged to have met you too - the famous Imy from Imy's World :) And don't worry - but next time, you have to be less shy hehe :) xxx

  3. Ok, so now you ALL have to come to south Florida US for a meet up too, cause we feel left out here in the states :(.
    Missing the fun!

    1. Haha, now why don't you come to one here in London then ;D x