11 Mar 2013

smythson lined paper review

As promised aaaaages ago, here is the Smythson lined paper pen test. I can't find some of my pens so it is a relatively small selection of pens tested on here. I have tried out gel pens, erasable ink, biro and a felt tip for this review. If there is a specific ink you want to see on these refills, let me know and I will see what I can do.

Onto the test now. The 'injections' section is written in Muji gel, and my yellow-coloured pen leaked a little, hence the brown smudge.

A closer look reveals that none of the pens tested feathered and all were absorbed pretty quickly by the paper. I have tried fountain pen on this paper before (but don't have a picture to show for this) and let's just say that I wouldn't hesitate to buy Smythson refills if: a) the budget allowed and b) I wanted fountain pen friendly paper for my binder.

A closer look...

And upon turning the page, I see no show through, no bleed through and no trace of the pen test at all. The only bit that did show-through was the yellow pen that leaked a little - more of the pen's fault than the paper's if anything.

Overall, it is a pleasure to write on this paper. It is luxurious and doesn't cause any frustration for a pen user of any kind. However, the price point (£10 for 25 sheets...!) will no doubt put off many potential buyers. I don't think I would purchase this paper (the above sheet came with the binder I bought) as I would much prefer to spend a few quid on a somewhat lower quality of paper that performs about half as well as these Smythson refills.

{ Please note that this is NOT a sponsored review. This is purely my own opinion and I was not paid or endorsed in any way for this blog post. }


  1. Ooft that is expensive paper. 40p per sheet is just too much no matter how good it is in my opinion. :) <3

    1. It's very expensive! I didn't fork out for it (directly, anyway, as it came with my binder) but I'm not sure I ever would unless I had money to burn lol! x

  2. Hi I am Midori from Japan. Zebra Sarasa pen 0.7 is very smooth and bright!! Please try it!!

    1. Hello! I've tried that pen before but I've not bought it after it ran out. Glad you've found a pen you like though :) x